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Commission Junction FAQ

Recently, we have been in the process of transitioning our website in order to make it a better shopping experience for our customers. We want to thank you for your understanding and patience with us during this transition as we know there have been some technical difficulties. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the website that we would like to address:


Is the affiliate program still active? I can't see it live in CJ at the moment?

Yes, the affiliate program is still active.  Over this past year due to unforeseen circumstances we were forced to change our Hosting Platform from Yahoo Small Business to Big Commerce. 

With This change, some of the links have stayed the same, but most will be updated in the near future. 

We will be Updating these links and we will be updating our affiliates of these changes when they take placeWill your Compensation Percentages Change?

As we continue to enhance our site, our affiliate compensations will be changing.  We will be providing complete breakdowns for the affiliate compensation. 

Will you Provide New Links to New Pages?

Yes, as we add new landing pages and new products we will be updating and creating new links for our CJ affiliates

We will be mailing out updates to our affiliates.  These updates will contain the new links and updated links to our most popular products and landing pages

What will you be doing to optimize Publishers for your programs?

We will streamline day-to-day program management activities, help publishers create more dynamic website content to drive higher conversions and enjoy transaction monitoring in real time to optimize publisher partnerships.

We have been working non-stop to optimize all of our data on  With this new optimized data, we will be able to create daily, weekly, and monthly programs to help push the top trending products.  We will be able to take advantage of industry trends and top selling products.

With this new control of our data we will be able to produce campaigns that work extremely well for our publishers

Some Strategies we will be employing in the near future for our publishers.

Since we have a website with good traffic, we will be putting in text links and banner links on our website. You can also promote with PPC websites like Google AdWords, yahoo etc. Many affiliates also promote with opt-in email marketing, article marketing etc.

We will start producing content very regularly.  We will be producing very knowledgeable articles that will help customers feel more comfortable with the products they are purchasing. 

Our strategies will be very precise and will be producing this content on a very regular basis.  These articles will be backlinked to our CJ links.  We will be able to produce

Why Did you not update the Publishers of these changes?

We Were forced to make this Website Change very quickly due to a spike in Credit Card Fraud.  Our website was attacked and was vulnerable to over $25,000 of fraud orders placed.  We were forced to shut down our website and to ensure our business did not shut down permanently we had to rush to open up a BigCommerce Storefront. 

We would have much rather done this change in a much more professional manner, but it was literally life or death for our business and we had to do whatever was possible to keep our business alive.