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What is Acai?

Resembling grapes on a vine, The Acai berry of the Amazon jungle can also be found to grow as a wild berry cluster at the top of palm trees. South American farmers collect The Accai berries of the palm and turn them into a fruit pulp tasteful to drink. Immediately upon picking, they would also freeze them quickly and make smoothies. The fruit pulp's immense nutritional value also withstands its being shipped around the world. Their rich dark color that gives it a distinct purplish hue together with a slight chocolate flavor is also the source of countless powerful antioxidant as well.

Health benefits of acai:
People around the world believe The Accai berry to bring about health in the cardiovascular muscle of the human body. It has also been proved that The Acai berry is a superabundant source of compounds called Anthocyanins that are also famous for being a very healthy dinner companion. The Acai berries hold even greater levels of Anthocyanins than red wine does. Furthermore, what makes The Acai berries even healthier is the fact that they will not get you intoxicated like drinking red wine will.

A healthy mix of dietary fibers and protein also pervade the Acai berries. Additionally, the Acai berries have very high levels of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that considerably contribute to the overall health and well being of the human heart. These same acids contained in the Acai berries also help decrease the level of bad cholesterol and boost the good cholesterol in the blood.

As anti-aging:
Generally speaking, the Acai berries considerably contribute to reducing the obvious aging process signs and symptoms. As far as nutritional aspects are concerned, it is believed that high levels of Anthocyanins together with abundant amounts of antioxidant vitamins found in the fruit contribute to its beneficial anti aging properties. It has scientifically been proven that The Acai berry contains 2 times the level of antioxidant vitamins as blueberries and ten times the amount found in grapes.

During the recent years, the general public has been using the Internet more and more. Thus, the availability is now on the rise as everyone in the world can now benefit from the might powers of the Acai berries by procuring them on the web. You can easily & conveniently checkout with Houseofnutrition online store. Acai- the name in good health!

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