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The Best Vitamin, Herbal Products, Nutritional Supplements and Sports Nutrition Affiliate Program Online!

Join the LARGEST Online Vitamin, Herb and Sports Nutrition Products Business Online with 45,000 products and 600-800 added every month and in business since 1991 and online since 1999. It is free and we help you with coupon codes, unique coupon codes, banners, text links and widgets! Let us know if there is anything you need and we will be glad to help!!!

Attention, everyone! Do you like what we have on House Of Nutrition? Well, we’d love to have you on board with us in bringing the USA the best and cheapest in nutritional supplements, dietary aids and vitamins – we’d love you to join House Of Nutrition’ Affiliate Program.

What does it mean to become a House Of Nutrition affiliate? All you have to do is to introduce visitors to your website to House Of Nutrition (and our great deals on herbal and other products, plus our absolutely huge product range) and you’ll be able to earn fantastic commissions on sales. We’ll provide you with all you’ll need – banners and text links, along with extra designs of banner for our most successful affiliates who create high levels of paying traffic to House Of Nutrition. The banners available to all affiliates come in a range of designs, including static, moving and flashing, so you’ll find something that matches the look of your site. And it’s all FREE – you don’t have to pay a cent!

What do you need to know about House Of Nutrition to become an affiliate? Well, if you’re already one of our regular customers, you probably know it all already. We offer a huge range of dietary supplements and other nutritional aids, including protein supplements, diet pills, performance enhancers, herbal extracts, antioxidants, multivitamins, sexual enhancement products and many, many more. Our aim is to be the biggest, the best - and the cheapest.

The biggest: We have over 40,000 products in our online store, with 600–800 new products added monthly.

The best: We keep you up to date with the world of sports nutrition by providing plenty of information in our Health and Nutrition notes. These articles will give you the low-down on our products as well as general health information. As well as all this, House Of Nutrition prides itself on its fast, efficient and safe shipping throughout the continental USA and Canada. House Of Nutrition has a five-star rating as a Yahoo! Business site.

The cheapest: House Of Nutrition offers all its products at absolute rock-bottom prices. On top of that, we have monthly specials and plenty of other ways for customers to save, save, save! With coupons, widgets and other great shopping tools, our customers – and affiliates – can get the best in vitamins, bodybuilding supplements, minerals and general health products for crazy prices like nowhere else can offer you!

It’s not hard to start earning once you join up as a House Of Nutrition affiliate. The average shopper spends $65.00 on vitamin pills, dietary aids and the like (let’s face it – do you know anyone who has never taken a vitamin pill at some stage in their life?). And it’s so easy to earn. All you do is place a link to House Of Nutrition on your website. Then an automatic tracking program keeps track of how many people have followed your link, and how much they’ve spent on House Of Nutrition products. And you earn a commission on the sales that reflects the amount of sales you’ve made.

Our commission structure for our affiliates works like this:
Monthly sales $25–$999: you get 8% of the sale.
Monthly sales $1000–$4999: you get 9.5% of the sale.
Monthly sales $5000–$9999: you get 11%
Monthly sales $10,000 and more: you get 12%.

On average, most of our affiliates are earning 11% commissions on referral sales.

To become a House Of Nutrition affiliate, you will need to sign up as a Commission Junction Publisher , which is as simple as ABC (if you are already a Commission Junction Member, sign up with the House Of Nutrition. Program in the Commission Junction Members’ Area).

To find out more about House Of Nutrition, please follow this link CJ LOG IN to find out more. Become a House Of Nutrition affiliate today for absolutely free and be part of our success story!

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