Allergy Research Group is one of the very first allergy oriented, hypoallergenic nutritional supplement companies

About Allergy Research

Allergy Research Group is one of the very first allergy oriented, hypoallergenic nutritional supplement companies and was founded in 1979 by Stephen Levine, Ph.D., a biochemist from UC Berkeley. For almost 30 years, Dr. Levine has dedicated himself to the latest research and the passionate pursuit of cutting-edge nutritional supplements.

Dr. Levine and Allergy Research Group were one of the first to introduce truly hypoallergenic products to the market, and developed the very first Buffered Vitamin C product. Dr. Levine's antioxidant research is legendary in that it created a unique, broad spectrum integration of the data with a very expanded perspective, which is still one of the most sophisticated antioxidant presentations even today. This work eventually lead to Dr. Levine�s groundbreaking textbook Antioxidant Adaptation, which he co-authored with Dr. Parris Kidd in 1985. For almost thirty years, Allergy Research Group has been known for the highest quality, most hypoallergenic, and most cutting-edge nutritional supplements available, and supplies products to physicians and healthcare practitioners around the world.

Superior Quality By Allergy Reasearch

Since 1979, Allergy Research Group has used only the purest raw materials available, and has implemented strict quality control procedures in every stage of production including inspection of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and storing. For many years we have used the same manufacturers to produce our capsules and tablets to ensure consistency. In our facility in Alameda, California we bottle, label and ship our finished products. Allergy Research Group is currently licensed by the California Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch

ARG's 5HTP 50mg 150 Caps
ARG's 200mg of Zen 60 VCaps
ARG's Acetyl-L-Carnitine 250mg 60 VCaps
ARG's Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's Adrenal 300mg 75 VCaps
ARG's Aller-Aid II 100 VCaps
ARG's Ammonium Chloride 486gm 90 Tabs
ARG's AntiOx Original 120 Caps
ARG's Artemesia 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's Arthred Powder 240gm
ARG's BifidoBiotics 540mg 60 Caps
ARG's Biotin 5000mcg 60 Caps
ARG's Brainstorm 60 Tabs
ARG's BrainWave Plus 120 Caps
ARG's Buffered Vitamin C 500mg 120 Caps
ARG's Buffered Vitamin C Powder 240gm
ARG's Calcium Citrate 150mg 180 Caps
ARG's Calcium Magnesium Citrate 100 Caps
ARG's Calcium Pyruvate 640mg 90 Caps
ARG's CalmEz 150 Tabs
ARG's Cat's Claw 565mg 60 Caps
ARG's Cell Saver 4000mg 150 Caps
ARG's Cellulose Powder 250gm
ARG's Childrens Multi-VItamin 150 Caps
ARG's Chitosan 500mg 90 Caps
ARG's Chronoset 1.3mg 100 Caps
ARG's Complex-M W/ Ginkgo 60 Caps
ARG's Copper Sebacate 4mg 75 Caps
ARG's CoQ10 30mg 30 VCaps
ARG's CoQ10 50mg 75 Caps
ARG's CoQ10 W/ Tocotrienols 100mg 30Sg
ARG's CoQ10 W/ Tocotrienols 100mg 60Sg
ARG's CoQ10 W/ Tocotrienols 100mg 200Sg
ARG's DHA 135mg 90Sg
ARG's DIM Enhanced Delivery System 120 Caps
ARG's DIM Palmetto Prostate Formula 60Sg
ARG's DIM VItex PMS Formula 60 VCaps
ARG's EPD Basic MultiVItamin 150 Caps
ARG's EPD Trace MInerals 75 Caps
ARG's Esterol 100 Caps
ARG's Esterol 200 VCaps
ARG's Eurocel 180 Caps
ARG's Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 120Sg
ARG's Fast & Be Clear Powder 900gm
ARG's Fibrenase III (Lumbrokinase) 250mg 30 Caps
ARG's Flax Powder 16oz
ARG's Flax Seed Oil 1000mg 100Sg
ARG's For Women Only 180 Caps
ARG's Free Aminos 100 Caps
ARG's FructoOligoSaccharide (fos) 100gm
ARG's Full Spectrum K 90Sg
ARG's GastroCleanse 100 Caps
ARG's GastroCort W/ Bioflavonoids 90 Caps
ARG's GastroMycin 150 Caps
ARG's Germanium 150mg 50 Caps
ARG's Germanium 275mg 6gm
ARG's Gl Flora 90 Caps
ARG's GLA Borage Oil 1300mg 30Sg
ARG's GlucoFit 60Sg
ARG's Glucosamine Sulfate 500mg 120 Caps
ARG's Glucose Tolerance 90 Caps
ARG's Gluta-Ascorbs 60 Caps
ARG's Grape Pips Proanthocyanidins 100mg 90 Caps
ARG's HomoCysteine Metabolism 90 Caps
ARG's Hypothalmus (Organic Glandular) 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's ImmKine 60 Caps
ARG's Immuno Gland Plex 60 Caps
ARG's InflaMed 120 VCaps
ARG's IVC-Max Formula 90 Caps
ARG's L-Arginine 500mg 250 Caps
ARG's L-Arginine 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's L-Carnitine 250mg 40 Tabs
ARG's L-Glutamine 800mg 250 Caps
ARG's L-Glutamine 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's L-Carnitine 500mg 250 Tabs
ARG's L-Citrulline Powder 100gm
ARG's L-Glutamine Powder 200gm
ARG's L-Lysine 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's L-Methionine 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's Lactobacillus 100 Caps
ARG's Laktoferrin 350mg 90 Caps
ARG's Laktoferrin 350mg 120 Caps
ARG's Laktoferrin W/ Colostrum 100mg 90 Caps
ARG's LipoPhos EDTA 2oz
ARG's Liver 500mg 125 Caps
ARG's Liver Saver 2000mg 120 Tabs
ARG's Lutein 20mg 60Sg
ARG's Magnesium Ascorbate 100 VCaps
ARG's Magnesium Citrate 170mg 90 Caps
ARG's Magnesium Malate Forte 500mg 120 Tabs
ARG's Mastica 500mg 120 Caps
ARG's Matrixx 180 Caps
ARG's Melatonin 3mg 120 Tabs
ARG's Melatonin Sustained Release 1.2mg 60 Tabs
ARG's Metabolic CoFactors 180 Caps
ARG's MetaPlex 75 Tabs
ARG's Modified Citrus Pectin 500mg 120 Caps
ARG's Molybdenum 1oz
ARG's MSM 500mg 150 Caps
ARG's Mucolyxir 12ml liquid
ARG's Multi Min 120 Caps
ARG's Multi Vi Min 150 Caps
ARG's Multi Vi Min Without Cu & Fe 150 Caps
ARG's Mycocyclin 1oz
ARG's NAC 500mg 120 Tabs
ARG's N-Acetyl Glucosamine 500mg 90 Caps
ARG's Nattokinase 36mg 300 Caps
ARG's Nattokinase 100mg 60Sg
ARG's Nattokinase 100mg 180Sg
ARG's Nattokinase (fibrenase l) 36mg 90Sg
ARG's Nattokinase (fibrenase l) 50mg 90 VCaps
ARG's Nattokinase (fibrenase l) 50mg 300 VCaps
ARG's Natural Source E 120Sg
ARG's Natural Source E 250Sg
ARG's New AntiOx Cysteine Free 60 Caps
ARG's Niacin(Vit B3) 250mg 90 Caps
ARG's No Flush Niacin 430mg 75 Caps
ARG's NutriBalance Children's Formula Powder 240gm
ARG's Ocudyne 200 Caps
ARG's Ocudyne ll 200 Caps
ARG's OrganoGermanium 100mg 100 Tabs
ARG's Original AntiOx Cysteine Free 60 Caps
ARG's Osteo-Vi-Min 180 Chewable Tabs
ARG's Osteo-Vi-Min Powder 315gm
ARG's Ox Bile 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's Oxynutrients 60 Caps
ARG's Palmetto Complex ll 60Sg
ARG's Pancreas Beef 425mg 90 Caps
ARG's Pancreas Lamb 425mg 90 Caps
ARG's Pancreas Pork 425mg 60 Caps
ARG's Pancreas Pork 425mg 720 Caps
ARG's Pantethine 600mg 60 VCaps
ARG's Pantothenic Acid 500mg 90 Caps
ARG's ParaMicrocidin 125mg 150 Caps
ARG's ParaMicrocidin 250mg 120 Caps
ARG's Perm A Vite® Powder 300gm
ARG's Phosphatidyl Choline 385mg 100Sg
ARG's Phos-Serine Complex 100mg 90Sg
ARG's Phyllanthus Complex 120 Caps
ARG's PhytoArtemisinin 90 VCaps
ARG's Potassium Citrate 99mg 120 Caps
ARG's Prima Uña De Gato 1oz
ARG's Prima Uña De Gato 90 VCaps
ARG's Proanthanol 90 Caps
ARG's ProGreens 180 Caps
ARG's ProGreens Powder 9.27oz
ARG's ProGreens Travel 5.10oz
ARG's Prolive W/ Antioxidants 90 Tabs
ARG's Pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg 100 Caps
ARG's Pure C Powder 120gm (4.2 oz)
ARG's Pure Vitamin C - Cassava Root Source 100 Caps
ARG's Pyridoxine P5P 275mg 60 Caps
ARG's Quercitin-300 300mg 60 Caps
ARG's Quercetin Bioflavonoids 100 Caps
ARG's Russian Choice Immune 25mg 60 VCaps
ARG's Saccharomyces 150mg 50 Caps
ARG's S-Adenosyl-Methionine 200mg 20 Tabs
ARG's Sano-Gastril 1.5gm 24 Tabs
ARG's Selenium Solution 8oz
ARG's Solution of Magnesium 8oz
ARG's Stabilium 200 30 Caps
ARG's Steady On 300gm
ARG's Steady On 900gm
ARG's Super Artemisinin 60 VCaps LONG TERM OUT OF STOCK
ARG's Super D3 60 Caps
ARG's Super EPA 600mg 60Sg
ARG's Super EPA 1200mg 200Sg
ARG's SymBiotics w/ FOS 140gm
ARG's SynovoDerma 70mg 150Sg
ARG's Take Heart II w/o Hormones 300gm
ARG's Take Heart II w/o Hormones 900gm
ARG's Taurine 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's Taurine 1000mg 250 Caps
ARG's TG 100 100 Caps
ARG's ThioDox 90 Tabs
ARG's Thymus 500 mg 75 Caps
ARG's TMG (TriMethylglycine) 750mg 100 Caps
ARG's Tocotrienols 75Sg
ARG's Tricycline 90 Caps
ARG's Tyrosine 500mg 100 Caps
ARG's VascuStatin 250mg 120 Caps
ARG's Vitamin E 400 IU 120Sg
ARG's Vitamin E Succinate 400IU 100 Caps
ARG's Wholly Immune 300gm
ARG's Wholly Immune 900gm
ARG's WomanPrime 120 Caps
ARG's Wrist Right Gel 4gm
ARG's Zinc Citrate 25mg 60 Caps
ARG's Zinc Citrate 50mg 60 Caps
ARG's Zinc Picolinate 25mg 60 Caps