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What is Angelica?

Stimulates appetite, carminative, expectorant, diaphoretic, emmenagogue, diuretic

Angelica is a good herbal tea to take for colic, gas, indigestion, hepatitis, and heartburn. It is useful to add in remedies for afflictions of the respiratory system, as well as liver problems and digestive difficulties. Promotes circulation and energy in the body.

It is often used to stimulate the circulation in the pelvic region and to stimulate suppressed menstruation. Angelica should not be used by pregnant women or diabetics.

This herb is excellent in diseases of the lungs, gout, stomach troubles, heartburn, colic, lack of appetite, dyspepsia and stomach upsets, gastrointestinal pain, gas, sciatica, and the heart. It is useful for skin lice, relieves itching, swelling, and pain. Regular users of Angelica root develop a distaste for alcoholic beverages.

Angelica species are biennial or perennial plants with hollow fluted stems that rise to a height of three to seven feet. The umbels of greenish-white flowers bloom from May to August. The plants are found in damp mountain ravines and meadows, riverbanks and coastal areas. Angelica is also a widely cultivated species. In Asia, Angelica species is grown primarily for it's medicinal action, whereas in Europe and the U.S. it is grown as a flavoring agent for food and beverages. Considering all species, the roots and rhizomes are the most extensively used portions of the plant.

History of Angelica Species:

In Asia, angelica's reputation is perhaps second only to that of ginseng. Predominantly regarded as a female remedy, Angelica species has been used to treat such conditions as dysmenorrhea )(painful menstruation), amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), metrorrhagia (abnormal menstruation), and menopausal symptoms. Archangelica was used in northern Europe for protection against contagion, for purifying the blood, and for curing every conceivable malady.

The therapeutic use of American angelica mirrors that of European angelica. The most common use has been for the treatment of heartburn and flatulent colic. Chinese and Japanese angelica are similarly composed of various coumarins, essential oils, and flavonoids, which are responsible for their medicinal actions. The essential oil of oriental angelica contains n-butylphthalide, cadinene, carvacrol, n-dodecanal, isosafrole, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, safrole, sesquiterpene, and n-tetradecanol.

Angelica species is remedy for
Menstrual and menopausal complaints
Skin Lice

Angelica is a warming and tonic remedy and is useful in a wide range of illnesses. All parts of the plant will help to relieve indigestion, gas, and colic.

Angelica species can be helpful in cases of poor circulation since it improves blood flow to peripheral parts of the body.

Extracts of Chinese angelica have been shown to possess antibacterial activity whereas the Japanese counterpart showed no such properties. The oil of angelica archangelica has shown significant antifungal properties, but virtually no antibacterial activity.

Like it's Chinese and European cousins, Bai Zhi, or angelica dahurica, is given for problems attributed to damp and cold conditions such as sores, boils, and ulcers affecting the skin. Bai Zhi is also used to treat headaches, aching eyes, and toothaches, and appears to be valuable in treating the facial pain of trigeminal neuralgia.

Although not used historically for this purpose, angelica does possess significant blood pressure-lowering action.

Do not take angelica if you are pregnant or have severe diabetes. Angelica has a tendency to increase the sugar in the urine.

Angelica archangelica will render you sensitive to light. Use of angelica for a fairly long time, will cause contraindicate ultraviolet or tanning salon treatments as well as strong sunlight for the duration.

Large doses can affect blood pressure, heart action, and respiration. To avoid these problems, do not exceed recommended dose.

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