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What is Bee Pollen?

Pollen & Propolis

Ask a primary school aged child about what comes from bees and they’re sure to answer “honey.” Yes, bees make honey but that is not the only beneficial product made by the busy little bee. The benefits of royal jelly are well known, but pollen and propolis are equally beneficial to overall good health.


The pollen we have on sale here at House of Nutrition as a dietary supplement is not the sort of pollen that you get on the tip of your nose if you get too close when sniffing a tiger-lily or the like. This is bee pollen. Bees do not just collect nectar from flowers to make into honey; they also gather pollen on their legs and bodies. While some of this pollen is spread from flower to flower, ensuring that the flowers are fertilised, the bees take much of it back to the hive and store the pollen as a food source.
Bee pollen contains a wide range of nutrients in a compact and easily digestible form. While the exact amount of micronutrients in bee pollen will vary according to the flowers that the bees have foraged the pollen from, pollen contains a range of amino acids, lipids (fats or essential fatty acids), minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Pollen is very nutrient dense and is an easy way to get extra of what you need into your diet. Bee pollen has a slightly nutty, slightly sweet taste and an agreeable texture, and if you buy bee pollen in supplement form, it makes an excellent addition to breakfast cereals such as muesli, and salads, soups and desserts, in much the same way as a neutral-tasting protein powder supplement can be used.

Pollen supplements can be used to treat anaemia and depression, as well as for overall good health and nutrition.

Pollen is notorious for triggering hay fever and can result in some allergies, so if you suffer from these conditions, you will probably be better off buying a different health supplement from House of Nutrition’s range of nutritional supplements.


Propolis is produced by bees not as a food source but as a “sealant” for fixing cracks in the beeswax making their hive. It is usually made by the bees from resins, sap and the sticky coatings of some buds. And bees don’t just rely on the propolis to keep draughts out – it also prevents disease entering the hive, as it has antibacterial properties. They say that if a larger animal (e.g. a mouse) falls into a hive and the bees can’t carry the carcass out, they will seal it in propolis, as this will prevent it from decaying and spreading disease, which shows how effective propolis is. For humans, the antibacterial properties of propolis are very desirable. Beekeepers long ago noticed that popping a piece of propolis in their mouth relieved sore throats, and this was thanks to the antibacterial properties of propolis.

Propolis is available in supplement form or is included in supplements that are used to treat coughs, sore throats and colds. Propolis lozenges are also good as part of a complete oral hygiene/oral care program, as the propolis can also help prevent tooth decay. Propolis also has a beneficial action on ulcers, and is used to aid regrowth and healing after suffering burns.

Like other bee products, caution is advised if you are allergic to beestings. However, some research suggests that propolis may even reduce or treat the incidence of other allergies.

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Description: Bee Pollen is a mixture of bee saliva, plant nectar and (true) pollen. It differs from wind-borne pollens in that its component is purely entomophile from plants - i.e. those that are essential for the fertilisation, and which are dispersed by insects. Wind-borne pollens are the heavier, anemophile variety which are implicated in allergies. This flower pollen is found to be a veritable treasure of high quality nutrients. It contains almost all the essential nutrients needed for the body, in its pure and natural form. Due to this, bee pollen is often referred to as the most complete natural food. It not only maintains the balance of nutrients in the body, but takes care of deficiencies and keeps the body healthy.

It is now being recognised by scientists throughout the world as a substance that can promote energy, help build resistance to ailments and boost the body's natural healing powers by giving the immune system a boost.

It can be used in a wide number of situations, such as digestive disorders, for improving blood circulation, strengthening coronary arteries and reducing nervous complaints. Bee pollen extract is also good for improving general health and vision.

From raising haemoglobin levels in anaemics, to stimulating blood circulation. Normalises cholesterol and triglyceride levels within blood, and speeds caloric burn for weight loss.

Bee Pollen seems to have the miraculous ability to restore and rejuvenate tired or ageing sex glands both male and female - due to the natural hormonal substances that it contains. It can stimulate and nourish the reproductive system, and Sexual stamina and endurance also seem to be increased.

The health benefits of bee pollen have been known to man for centuries. Even in Bible and other ancient texts, bee pollen is referred to as a complete food and as a medicine with extraordinary healing power. But only recently, it is gaining popularity due to the increased awareness in the use of natural health products.

Nutritional Composition:
Bee pollen has a wide variety of essential nutrients. The major constituents of bee pollen are vitamins, enzymes, polyphenols, good fatty acids, chelated minerals and free amino acids. It also has trace elements and a large assortment of phytonutrients. Bee pollen is a concentrated source of all these vital nutrients, which makes it an excellent choice as diet supplement.

Benefits of Using of Bee Pollen:
-It maintains the nutritional balance in the body
-It makes up for the deficiency of fruits and vegetables in the diet
-It energizes and strengthens the body
-It helps to clear the mind
-It is good for weight reduction and slows down the aging process
-It helps in burning fat and lowering cholesterol levels
-It improves the sex drive
-For women, bee pollen offers relief from PMS
-For men, it is said to help in preventing medical problems in prostate gland
-It improves the sperm count in men
-It boosts the immune system and acts as a detoxifier

Uses of Bee Pollen:
Because of its nutritive value, it can either be included in the daily diet or as a supplement. It is an ingredient in many herbal remedies. Athletes use it to enhance their stamina and endurance.

Side Effects:
The only side effects known about bee pollen is the allergic reaction shown by some like, anaphylaxis. So it is safer for those having pollen allergy to keep away from it.

There is no doubt about the goodness of bee pollen. But it can be beneficial to us only if the bee pollen is consumed with all its nutrition intact. Make sure that the bee pollen you are using is of the best quality to get maximum benefits.

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