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There are a few things you want to watch out for when selecting protein bars. First of all, look at the fat content. Try to avoid protein bars that have more saturated fat than a cheeseburger. We're trying to be somewhat healthy, right? Second, if you are male, be weary of protein bars with high iron content. Men don't need extra iron in their diet (unless they like being constipated), and if you look at high quality men's multivitamins you will see that they contain no iron. Some protein bars have 100% of the recommended daily allowance of iron, and there is no reason for that, so avoid those bars at all costs (women can disregard this advice). You may also have noticed that iron has a funky smell and can completely ruin the taste of a protein bar. Finally, those of you who are carb-conscious may want to check the carb levels to make sure they fit within your acceptable limits.

I recommend having a glass of water with your protein bar as it can help get chunks off of your teeth, and also help to settle your stomach because protein bars are notorious for causing upset stomachs.

Note: Some of the bars gave a percentage of daily value amount for the protein content. Since this is based off of the 50g per day that is recommended for sedentary adults and not bodybuilders, it goes without saying that we ignore this percentage. For this reason I didn't even bother to list it in this article. Do you care that someone thinks that 21g of protein is 41% of your recommended daily allowance? I didn't think so. On the tables, the percentage in the rightmost column is the percentage of the recommended daily allowance for that particular nutrient.

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