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What is Chai?

Chai is one of the few teas that smell as good as it tastes. In most of the world, chai is used as a normal, every day tea that is though to help its drinker lead a healthy life. If fact, the word "chai" is in many, many language s, including Arabic, Persian, and Swahili, meaning the general term for "tea." This milky tea is usually sweetened with honey, giving in an incredible earthy taste that not only adds a bounce to a person's step, but a smile on their lips.

Chai originated thousands of years ago in the Hindu kingdom of India and Siam. There are many legends and stories surrounding this mysterious tea, some including gods, other magical healing powers. Some say that there was once a king of Siam whose tea maker discovered this tea, this "chai." The king orders the tea maker to give him the recipe and to gather all the ingredients so that the king could learn how to make this wonderful tea for himself. The tea maker followed the king's instructions carefully, and brought the secret recipe to his king. Then, the legend reads that the king had the tea maker killed so that the king would be the only one to posses this knowledge.

Whether these stories are true or not, the history of this tea is fascinating. Historians believed the tea was first concocted to help in a Hindu natural healing tradition called ayurveda. The contrast between the spices, sweeteners, and herbs can help alleviate ailments, diseases, and other medical conditions, so the many Hindu healers.

The calming affect of this potent tea is apparent on the faces of anyone who drinks it. The fusion of pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger juice, milk, and honey makes it one of the most exotic drinks you can find at local coffee shops around the country.

Chai tea is a centuries old tea that has been important in many cultures around the world. This rich black tea that is traditionally sweetened with milk and honey also includes various spices which add not only to its zesty taste but to its health benefits as well.

Made from a base of black tea, Chai is full of antioxidants from the tea leaves which help boost your immune system and prevent illness. As of late, all teas including black tea have been in the news for their significant health benefits. In fact, the National Cancer Center Research Institute in Tokyo has suggested that in the most practical method of preventing cancer may be drinking tea. studies have shown that drinking tea can lower instances of all types of cancer but is particularly helpful in inhibiting cancers of the esophagus and digestive system as well as long and breast cancer. Not only that but there is some evidence that drinking tea can help counteract some of the damage that chemotherapy does to your white blood cells.

Not only does Chai tea offer the health benefits that you get from the tea itself but the spices added have additional health benefits that you won't find in other types of tea. some spices that are typically added include Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and pepper.

Cinnamon is quickly becoming a favorite medicinal herb is it has many uses but perhaps the most important is that It stimulates other herbs which help them to heal you faster. It is said to lower blood pressure, reduced pains and fevers, relieve symptoms of indigestion, nausea, gas and heartburn and can also help with menstrual cramps. Incidentally, another spice in Chai tea - Cardamom helps relieve indigestion problems so if you're having digestive problems, this tea may help.

Cloves are said to help invigorate the body and are reputed to be great at relieving flus and colds.

Ginger is a great medicinal herb that's been used for thousands of years and is said to help fight off the common cold as well the flu and is particularly effective in strengthening and healing the respiratory and digestive systems. It is also said to help with cardiovascular health, heal ulcers and reduce fevers and body aches.

Nutmeg is said to to help keep the mucous membranes, particularly those in the throat, moist it is a great herb for anyone that has problems in this area.

Pepper, which might seem like an odd thing to have in a tea is another ingredient of Chai tea which helps stimulate the taste buds and is said to improve digestion. it has been used for ages to help prevent gas and has both antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is a great herb for promoting a healthy digestive system.

So, you see, the next time you sit down for relaxing and tasty cup of chai tea you will not only be getting something delicious to drink but also helping to improve your health as well.

Ingredients: Chai has been a favorite tea in India for thousands of years. Primarily Chai Tea is blend of black tea and spices with the distinguishing flavor of cardamom. Cinnamon, cloves and herbs by and large are its most common ingredients. Chai Tea is often mixed with milk to make a creamier beverage, but it is excellent alone. Stress reduction, enhanced relaxation and a digestion aid are qualities associated with Chai Tea.

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