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What is Chaparral?

Chaparral is a shrubland or heathland plant community found primarily in California, USA, that is shaped by a Mediterranean climate (mild, wet winters and hot dry summers) and wildfire. Similar plant communities are found in the five other Mediterranean climate regions around the world, including the Mediterranean Basin (where it is known as maquis), central Chile (matorral), South African Cape Region (known there as fynbos), and Australia (Western and Southern).


Chaparral is widely used as a treatment for rheumatic disease, venereal infections, urinary infections and certain types of cancer, especially leukaemia until its sale was banned in North America due to concern over its potential toxic effect upon the liver. There have been a number of cases of acute or sub-acute hepatitis attributed to the use of this herb and so its internal use is not recommended until further research has been carried out.

Dr. Christopher's Sinus Plus Formula

Arizona Natural's Chaparral

Home > Shopping (Over 25,000 Products) > SHOP BY CATEGORY > CHAPARRAL