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What is Chromium Polynicotinate?

Chromium Polynicotinate Information: Chromium picolinate is a patented version of the trace mineral chromium. Studies show that this dietary supplement may provide benefits including weight loss, lowered serum cholesterol and glucose, burned fat, and build muscle. Picolinic acid is produced in the human body, apparently for the purpose of improving the cellular uptake of trace metal ions. Scientists have demonstrated that several minerals in the picolinate form are many times better assimilated than other forms of the same mineral.

Chromium Polynicotinate is involved in the metabolism of glucose and the synthesis of cholesterol, fats and protein. Chromium Polynicotinate is essential to maintain stable blood sugar levels by helping insulin do its work, and so can be helpful for people with diabetes and hypoglycaemia (see caution below, however).

Chromium Polynicotinate has also been used successfully to control blood cholesterol, and it promotes the loss of fat and increases lean muscle tissue. Studies have shown it may increase longevity and help prevent osteoporosis.

Chromium polynicotinate is an equally effective assimilated form of chromium which some researchers suggest may have more benefits for certain conditions than does the picolinate form. A recent study on antidepressant pharmacotherapy for dysthymic disorder (depression) in 5 patients showed that chromium polynicotinate supplementation led to remission of dysthymic symptoms and concluded that preliminary observations suggest that chromium may potentate antidepressant pharmacotherapy for dysthymic disorder.

Another study on chromium polynicotinate in rats prevented the sucrose-induced elevation of systolic blood pressure and decreased measures of lipid peroxidation.

Both forms of chromium reduce high serum glucose levels which can contribute to aging via a destructive process known as glycosylation, also called nonenzymatic glycation, in which glucose molecules bind to proteins and interfere with their function. People with diabetes have a highly increased rate of protein glycosylation and this plays a major part in their increased risk of atherosclerosis and many other diseases. For many with diabetes, chromium enhances the ability of insulin to lower serum glucose levels.

Dosage and Administration:
National Academy of Science's recommended range is 50-200 mcg per day. The high incidence of adult-onset diabetes suggests to some doctors that many people should be supplementing with small amounts of chromium. A daily intake of 200 mcg is recommended by many doctors. In general, a pregnant woman needs an additional 5 mcg of chromium per day (over the RDA) and a breast-feeding woman needs about 10 mcg more per day than other women in her age group.

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