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What is Coral Calcium?

Among all the minerals in the body, calcium is the most abundant and the fifth most abundant substance. It is part of every biological function in the body and therefore is rightly called the king of minerals. When a healthy persons alkaline level falls, it becomes acidic, he develops low pH, and when this body system is far too acidic, it is the first sign of calcium deficiency.

Calcium is needed by bones, teeth, muscles, hair and nails. In addition to this, it also helps in the prevention of muscle cramps, joint pain, bone disease and high cholesterol. Calcium is known for its ability to reduce acidity in the stomach, and therefore a good calcium source should be included in everyday diet for proper digestion.

With regular use, coral calcium can help restore and maintain an even pH balance, thus preventing the risk of degenerative diseases, while also strengthening and energizing cells and tissues, and allowing the body to heal itself by natural means.

When heavy metals and remnants of drugs are eliminated from the body, the intestines, kidneys and liver are cleansed. This causes neutralized levels of acidity levels and an acceptable alkaline level.

Okinawa Coral Calcium:
contains a range of minerals essential to human life: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, essential trace minerals and other microscopic elements. It also contains vital antioxidants that protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

In order that the body does its work, it must convert to an ionic state. This is easily possible as coral calcium becomes ionic in water for the bodys use, allowing the body to absorb calcium and minerals to a much larger extent.

According to scientists, a low level of oxygen can destroy the bodys ability to work normally and damage its immune system, rendering it susceptible to disease and premature aging. But thanks to coral calcium, the oxygen level in the body is restored and the toxic waste ejected from the body. If you take coral calcium twice a day with water, it can restore the critical levels of calcium your body needs urgently, apart from 60 vital minerals too.

Fossil Coral Calcium: Coral calcium obtained from fossilized coral reefs above sea level is also the most beneficial calcium source available in nutritional supplements today. It is essentially limestone or calcium carbonate, but marine coral calcium also contains high amounts of other minerals like magnesium and potassium. These minerals are important for proper growth of body cells and also work together to fight against many deadly diseases.

Health Benefits:
Because of todays busy and fast-paced life, people often consume dietary supplements on a regular basis to account for calcium and other minerals and vitamins deficiency in their blood. These supplements are available in the form of tablets or capsules, are easy to consume and have no adverse side effects.

Of course, the best calcium-rich supplements to buy are the ones made with coral calcium. It has been discovered by health experts that coral calcium obtained from waters around the Japanese island Okinawa is the most refined and pure form of this calcium source. Good-quality supplements also contain other minerals like magnesium, sodium and some vitamins like vitamin D and K2 for proper absorption of calcium in the blood.

It is important to know that according to a research conducted at a university in Japan, coral calcium is easier to absorb than normal calcium and its absorption rate is almost 70% which is higher than any other calcium source including cows milk. This shows that coral calcium is beneficial for children and adults alike and should be added to a healthy, balanced diet.

Coral calcium is important for maintaining pH levels in your body, for developing strong bones and teeth, for the prevention of kidney stones and other kidney-related problems and for developing a healthy immune system. It also plays a vital role in the context of weight loss.

Side Effects:
Supplement products made from coral calcium have no side effects of their own. However, people who have a sensitive digestive system may experience constipation, diarrhea, headache, nausea and stomach cramps in the first week of the course. These symptoms disappear after a few days. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before consuming any calcium-rich supplements.

Lifetime's Liquid Fossilized Coral Calcium

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