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What is DIM ?

A Dietary indole, DIM occurs naturally in cruciferous plants after they are crushed or chewed. The plant enzymes produce DIM form precursors called glucosinolates.

Diindolylmethane, or DIM for short, is a plant indole (a plant compound with health-promoting properties). DIM and other plant indoles are found in all cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables include cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. These plants have cultivated for centuries and were initially used for medicines.

About twenty years ago, scientists discovered that when broccoli was added to the diets of study animals, it could prevent certain forms of cancer. In more recent scientific studies, this same cancer protection was shown to result from simply adding supplemental DIM or related plant indoles to the animals' diets in place of the broccoli. Recently, regular use of supplementary DIM and its indole relatives has shown that many of these health-promoting effects arise from a beneficial shift in the balance of the sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone.

When you chew raw or lightly cooked cruciferous vegetables, plant enzymes -- substances that start a reaction -- are activated, which allows DIM to enter your body. But to get the most benefit from this indole, you would need to consume very large quantities of raw vegetables each day. To overcome this problem, absorbable forms of pure DIM have been developed as dietary supplements that use special absorption-enhancing formulas.

DIM, by supporting the activity of the particular enzyme that improve estrogen metabolism, increases the level of so-called good estrogens, while reducing the levels of bad ones.

Diindolyl Methane Benefits:
Diindolyl methane promotes healthy testosterone levels, supports healthy estrogen metabolism, relieves PMS, and promotes healthy breast, cervix, uterine, and prostate tissue. It is also enables fat loss and enhances body building. DIM is an estrogen balancer and may have anticarcinogenic properties.

More Health Positives of Diindolyl Methane:
Men, often experience both lower estrogen metabolism and lower estrogen levels as they age. DIM, by strengtheninge its own metabolism, promotes more active and more beneficial metabolism of estrogen.

This is beneficial because health-enhancing estradiol 2-hydoxy metabolite helps release testosterone from the protein to which it binds, resulting is higher testosterone activity. DIM also lowers the testosterone and estrogen stimulation of the prostate gland.

This DIM-assisted shift, when accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise plan from DIM, results in a more youthful testosterone-to-estrogen balance. DIM supplementation is compatible with natural testosterone replacement.

It works, when combined with anabolic pro-hormones, in maintaining and increasing healthy testosterone levels without increased estradiol side effects.

Nature's Way's DIM

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