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When it comes to being a dog owner, there is nothing more important than making sure your dog is happy each and every day of his or her life. This may not be possible every day, by you should at least make a good faith effort to make it possible. There are plenty of ways that you can keep your dog happy including providing him or her with the attention that they crave, keeping your dog healthy by providing medications, and giving them plenty to do in order to keep them active.

Dogs are typically very loyal to their guardians and look up to them for love and affection, this makes it easy to train them than other pets. This is also what keeps dogs happy, but if they don't get the attention that they desire, then they will most likely become less sociable and not as friendly. It's important that you give your dog plenty of positive attention every day in order to keep them happy and in good spirits. This can be done by simply spending time with them as much as possible. This can include activities like taking them for walks or playing out in the backyard, or just about any activity that will help make your dog feel wanted and will encourage interaction between you and your dog.

Health Issues:
Another way that you can keep your dog happy is by keeping them healthy. Health is a matter of concern to everyone, and dogs are certainly not an exception. Their health is also very important. A healthy dog is very useful at all times.

One has to note changes in the behavior of a dog. To note the behavioral changes one has to understand the symptoms of changes in a dog. His health should be given priority and one should take care with proper knowledge.

One cannot tame a dog without proper knowledge. Dogs expect every attention from their masters. So the master should take pain to know about dogs, their habits, diets and possible health disorders. Sensing the difference in its health, one should guess its problem and explain it to the doctor and get the right medications.

Proper medication will ensure proper health of the dog. A regular veterinary doctor should be in contact to attend to the ailments required.

Dogs do show signs of discomfort. They have some symptoms to indicate that they are not healthy. One symptom is choking; the sound and gesture will be obvious. When a dog cries, trembles or has heavy breathing it is a sign of acute pain in the abdomen. If there is a bad odor from the ear, then it is ear infection or ear mites.

Such symptoms should be noticed and medications should be done immediately. A dog's normal temperature is 101 to 102 degree and the heart beat is 100 to 150 beats per minute. A dog's health is comprised of everything from head to toe. It has to be taken care with intense love and affection.

Finally, your dog needs activity in order to keep them from becoming bored and lonely. This is often a problem with dogs that spend most of their time in a kennel. Since they don't get the attention they need, and they don't get the physical activity that they need, then they are less likely to be happy and could potentially be less healthy than other dogs.

In order to prevent this, be sure you are giving your dog plenty to do while he or she is in the kennel. Some good ideas for keeping your dog occupied are providing your dog with plenty of dog toys that he or she will be able to play with, having another dog in the kennel to help keep company, or allowing them to come out of the kennel at certain times during the day.

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