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What is Echinacea and Goldenseal?

Echinacea, or the purple cornflower, has been used as a medicinal remedy by Native American Indians for over 400 years. Most often used to combat infections and aid the immune system, Echinacea stimulates the bodys production of interferon and may assist in the healing of wounds, boils, UTIs (urinary tract infections), and fevers.

Is generally used to boost ones immune system. Because of this, Echinacea has become one of the more popular herbal remedies.

Echinacea also can be used to help with upper respiratory tract infections. Research has also studied the use of Echinacea for protection against and treatment for the common cold.

Most studies concluded that taking Echinacea at the first signs of a cold for 8 to 10 days either helped diminish cold symptoms, or shortened their lifespan by as much as 34%.

Native Americans also used Goldenseal, a perennial North American plant, for its powerful medicinal properties. Called the poor mans ginseng, this staple remedial root has proved very effective at treating infection and inflammation of the mucus membranes lining the upper respiratory tract, as well as many other internal and external conditions.

The primary effect that goldenseal has on our bodies is to assist with our immune system. Not only does it help to boost our immune system, but also assists in fighting bacteria and viruses.

Goldenseal is also used as a detoxifier and blood purifier, and is said to be beneficial for the liver.

Many people report that it helps with urinary tract infections, sinus problems, as well as promoting the healing of mouth ulcers and cold sores.

Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) contains berberine and hydrastine alkaloids, which are the active compounds in this herb. It is the berberine that imparts the rich and bright golden yellow color to the herb.

Combination Of Echinacea & Goldenseal: When combined with Echinacea, Goldenseal effectively shortens the duration of colds and the flu.

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