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What is Enzymes?

Enzymes are VITAL to our health and change the rate at which chemical reactions happen, but without any external energy source added or by being changed themselves.

Although enzymes are found in small quantities, they are extremely powerful - 30 grams of pure crystalline pepsin would digest nearly 2 metric tons of egg white in a matter of hours.

These very important ingredients to our health, is reaction specific, and will only act on certain substances - referred to as substrates.

These reactions could be for the substrate to bond to the enzyme, or different substrates bonding together, or for the substrate to be broken up into different products.

Without enzymes in your body, you could have the best nutritional plan around, and supplement your diet with a host of vitamin supplements, but without these humble workers we call enzymes, the vitamins will not be absorbed into your system.

Different types of enzymes:
There are many different kinds of enzymes in the human body. And each performs a specific task that generates a specific effect. Thus, different cells require different enzymes to function. And for this, they are categorized into three main types: the metabolic, digestive, and food enzymes.

Researches on the use of enzymes in the treatment of autoimmune diseases have shown positive results without any side effects. Why? Enzymes are basically natural to the human body. After all, every living organism is practically made up of enzymes. They are responsible for catalyzing or speeding up chemical reactions within the body. They either split up the bonds that join protein molecules together and break them to small pieces for easy absorption, or they help construct new molecules.

Some people may still be unaware, but enzymes are vital to life. In fact, without enzymes we wouldn't be able to breathe, think, swallow, or digest food. To perform all these, the human body needs enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for the construction, synthesis, distribution, and elimination of the various chemicals and substances for the existence of an organism. They are catalysts. Meaning, they can speed up a chemical reaction without being changed. They assist in fighting aging, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, cleaning the colon, breaking down fats, strengthening the immune system, improves mental capacity, detoxifying the body, building muscles from protein, eliminating carbon dioxide from the lungs etc.

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