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What is Ester-C?

It is a unique form of Vitamin C containing naturally occuring metabolites. Ester-C's patented manufacturing process neutralizes the pH, making it gentle on the digestive system.

Ester C is a type of Vitamin C. While Ester C offers all the benefits of regular Vitamin C combined with Calcium, but it also offers an improved absorption rate and is gentle on the stomach.

Ester C: the Vitamin C that's gentler on the stomach:
Vitamin C was isolated in 1928. It is known as ascorbic acid. It is the acidity that leads traditional vitamin C to cause stomach agitation in people who are sensitivity to acidity, such as pregnant women. This stomach agitation led to the invention of Ester C some twenty five years ago.

An Arizona physician named Edwin Goertz, MD, discovered Ester-C while seeking help for his arthritic wife. Goertz's spouse couldn't tolerate traditional forms of vitamin C because it upset her stomach.

So he came up with the idea of mixing water, ascorbic acid and calcium ascorbate to arrive at a non-acidic alternative that he dubbed "Ester-C". Ester-C has a neutral pH that helps protect you from the stomach upset that can accompany other Vitamin C products.

Ester C: Vitamin C with improved absorption and retention;
Ester-C is the most advanced form of Vitamin C available. It has been specially formulated for faster absorption and retention so you can obtain the maximum benefits of vitamin C quickly. By "esterfying" Vitamin C with calcium and bioflavanoids, this formula is estimated to be absorbed 400% faster than regular Vitamin C.

In an animal trial, two groups were fed equal amounts of either ascorbic acid or Ester C. They tested the blood and urine levels of Vitamin C for four hours. The animals fed the Ester C had higher blood levels of Vitamin C, suggesting better absorption in comparison to normal Vitamin C.

Research suggests the availability of Ester C seems to indicate it is different from that of normal Vitamin C, and it is appears to benefit from the presence of the threonate and other Vitamin C metabolites, which help improve its absorption to the tissues.

Consult your physician before altering your diet or taking supplements. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any information, opinion or advice contained in the above article.

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