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What is Flora?

The word flora is used to describe the community of good bacteria that naturally live in the digestive system also known as probiotics. Inside your intestinal tract are trillions of microorganisms. These probiotics live inside your intestines and come with an astounding job. It would be an understatement to say that, these microscopic bacteria are the heroes of our bodies. These little heroes fight off the evil microorganisms.

what are the benefits of flora:
Healthy bacteria will filter out and eliminate damaging substances like those bad bacteria. They help to flush out toxins and chemicals. Some of which are caused by those naughty microorganisums. They also help eliminate other waste products and prevent these same products from being absorbed into our blood stream where they can reek even more deadly damage on our other vital organs.

In addition to those things, a healthy intestinal tract, complements of our healthy flora, will absorb and distribute essential ingredients, that are sent down into our intestines via food and water. All these things are absorbed and then distributed into our cells that need them.

Understanding flora:
In order to be classified as probiotics they must be able to destroy, damage, and basically turn the disease-causing pathogenic bacteria into harmless bacteria. It's our job to understand their needs so that they can keep up with the constant bombarding of bad bacteria growing inside our body.

This is no easy task keeping our friendly bacteria healthy and multiplying faster than the bad bacteria. In todays world full of fast food, genetically altered and highly processed foods as well as the nutritionally used up soil that our fruits and vegetables are grown in, it's becoming quite burdonsome for our bodies to maintain an environment that helps our friendly bacteria grow faster than those nasty ones.

Is it worth it to spend the time to learn exactly what we need to do to in order to keep our friendly probiotic bacteria healthy? First, let's consider some of the jobs that they can perform when they are flourishing inside us.

Currently, there are human studies being conducted for the purpose of learning if these microorganisums can help in the prevention of cancer. Imagine the difference it would make when something like breast cancer symptoms could be handled with probiotic treatments instead of radiation or chemotherapy.

How to achieve flora?
Now that you're interest is piqued. You may be happy to know that introducing probiotics into your body can be as simple as buying yogurt that contains active live cultures. You may even have heard about Lactobacillus bulgaricus. This is one of the many wonderful probiotic bacteria that make up the healthy flora and fauna inside our intestinal tract. And there are quite a few varieties found in many of todays yogurt brands.

Flora supplements:
are originally developed for irritations of the small and large intestine, contains the full array of bacteria strains that are needed most in the body and have been proven to have the greatest effect when supplemented.

It maintains and promotes the growth of helpful bacteria, while destroying the harmful strains, is vital to health.

Another way to benefit our intestinal tract is by way of exercise. Even something like the gentle stretching as in the Supreme Pilates type movements will aid our digestive tract in pushing out toxins and waste and this of course aids in and lessons the burdens placed on the friendly microorganisms whos job is to also get rid of toxic waste build up.

Knowing all this, isn't it time to learn more probiotics so that you can help them flourish inside your body to keep you running at optimum health.

Healthy flora is an essential part of the body's process of absorbing nutrients, fighting unfriendly bacteria, promoting a healthy digestive system and building a strong immune system. Probiotics help support the friendly flora in our systems.

Friendly bacteria (flora) can be destroyed by common factors such as carbonated beverages, medications, caffeine, alcohol, antibiotics and stress. Regular inclusion of supplemental flora ensures that healthy growth of needed bacteria is maintained.

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