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What is Germanium?

Germanium is a trace element that is used as a dietary supplement. You might not have heard about Germanium before but you will probably be hearing a lot about it in the future.

Doctors and scientists have been performing tests and studies on Germanium for years and have found that Germanium has some significant benefits when taken as a daily supplement. Here are the top 5 benefits that have been associated with Germanium:

Germanium is believed to function by increasing oxygen function within the system. Because of this, it is considered to be an antioxidant. Germanium has been known to increase Natural Killer (NK) cells and T-suppressor cells in the body thus enhancing the immune system and assisting in anti-cancer activity.

The “holy waters” at Lourdes, known for their healing properties contains large amounts of germanium.

Food Sources:
Best natural food sources of Germanium include: Garlic, Shiitake mushrooms, onions, bran, whole wheat flour, vegetables, seeds, meats, dairy products, aloe vera, comfrey, ginseng and suma.

What is Suma:
Suma is a large, rambling, shrubby ground vine with an intricate, deep, and extensive root system. It is indigenous to South America and is also known as para toda (meaning "for all things") and is also known as Brazilian ginseng, since it is widely used as an adaptogen with numerous applications.

An adaptogen is a plant that increases the body's resistance to adverse influences by a wide range of physical, chemical, and biochemical factors and has a normalizing or restorative effect on the body as a whole.

If you are craving some or most of these foods, this is an indication that you may be needing more germanium. You may want to look into an ionic mineral source such as New Vision Ionic Minerals as it has many trace minerals in it that other supplements do not have.

Health Benefits Of Germanium:
1. Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol - In scientific studies regular use of Germanium as a dietary supplement has been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Wouldn't it be great if you could regular your cholesterol and your blood pressure naturally without taking harsh prescription medication? You may be able to with a daily Germanium supplement.

2. Chronic Pain Relief - Patients that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic and very painful conditions reported through the course of several studies that taking regular Germanium supplements seemed to lessen the pain and stiffness that they felt from their conditions.

3. Regulate body function - Germanium has been shown to help your body "fix" itself when normal body functions have gone out of whack because of illness, medication, diet or other reasons.

Taking regular amounts of Germanium can help "reset" your body so that all your critical body systems run like they are supposed to.

4. Fight free radical damage - Doctors found that patients they treated with Germanium had less cellular abnormalities and free radical damage than people who didn't take regular supplements of Germanium.

5. Boosts your immune system - This is probably the single most important benefit of taking Germanium, and the benefit that has doctors the most excited. Germanium has been proven to stimulate the immune system which helps the body fight back against illness or disease.

Nothing will help you beat an illness like your own body, so a supplement like Germanium that triggers your own immune system to start working or start working harder is the absolute best way to fight off disease.

Medications can never duplicate your own immune system, which is why having a healthy immune system is so important.

Doctors are now trying to see if Germanium can be used to fight serious autoimmune disorders or immune system diseases like AIDS because it gives the body's immune system a natural kick start.

Other Benefits Of Germanium:
Germanium is a trace mineral with no Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) established. It is abundant on the surface of the earth and is in most plants.

Certain disease conditions respond favorably to germanium supplementation including: arthritis, asthma, neuralgia, diabetes, leukemia, food allergies, yeast infection, HIV/AIDS, chronic viral infections like Epstein Barr syndrome, angina, stroke, Raynaud’s disease, burns and pain associated with cancer.

Germanium is also used for depression, menstrual problems, diarrhea, diabetes, sores, neuralgia, bleeding, circulatory conditions, eczema, sore throats, nervous tension, kidney tones, tonsillitis, antiseptic, fungicidal, pain relieving, reduces inflammation, stops bleeding, heals acne, bruises, burns, broken capillaries, varicose veins and wounds.

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