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What is Ginger?

Ginger, more formally known as Zingeber Officinale, is a very flavorful and aromatic spice.

Ginger, in the Asian culture, has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes, to treat nausea, increase the appetite, fight body odor and promote perspiration.

Usage Of Ginger:
Ginger is used In the Indian culture for medicinal purposes as well. The herb is used to treat arthritis, and has been found to limit the production of cytokines that are linked with inflammation and pain.

Ginger, by stimulating blood circulation, alleviates joint pain and other conditions, including Reynauds Syndrome, which result from poor circulation.

Ginger is still used as a remedy for nausea; in large alleviate the nausea cause by chemotherapy. It may even ease motion sickness for some individuals.

Ginger helps protect the heart, lower cholesterol, and by preventing the blood clot forming clumping and buildup of platelets in the arteries, prevent strokes.

Ginger also eases digestive tract discomfort from flatulence, indigestion, and diarrhea. It can also alleviate menstrual cramping, and help to restore memory for some individuals.

Medical Ginger Root and Therapy:
Known primarily for its ability to alleviate nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, also other digestive problems.

Ginger has been found to out-perform anti-nausea drugs, and the good news is that it does it without the adverse side effects which accompany western medications! Ginger herb, therefore, is an effective aid in helping with morning sickness and dizziness.

Recent studies, in addition, have found that the ginger root herb can lower blood cholesterol and reduce blood clotting. Ginger has a component similar to the salicylic acid of aspirin, accounting for its blood-thinning properties.

Ginger also performs well as an antibiotic agent, a very potent strong antioxidant which seeks out and eliminates free radicals that would otherwise damage healthy cells, and as an anti-inflammatory with pain-relieving properties.

As an anti-inflammatory, the herb has been used to help treat both arthritis, and everyday aches and pains. Ginger benefits colds, flu, and allergies.

What to Watch Out For:
The good news is that Ginger has no known serious side effects, and is considered extremely safe. However, consumers should, however, be aware that it has been known to cause heartburn. If such a side effect occurs, lower your dosage, or stop your use of ginger.

Pregnant women, because ginger has been known to stimulate uterine contractions, should check with their doctors before using ginger, as should those who take blood thinners, barbiturates, beta blockers, or insulin, or other diabetic medications.. Ginger can intensify the effects of some of these medications.

Ginger can interfere with the absorptions of dietary iron and fat soluble vitamins. It can cause stomach upset in higher doses, and it should be stopped two weeks prior to any surgical procedure.

Our Take on the Use of Ginger:
Because ginger has been widely used for centuries, we believe it is both effective and safe for supplemental use.

How to Select A Ginger Supplement: 1. Try and purchase a ginger root supplement that has been produced with standardized extract. Such extracts contain gingerols, which are the active constituents giving the herb its medicinal potency.

Without gingerols, ginger supplements would offer no therapeutic benefits. Many herbs sold in supplement form, in spite of what marketers may tell you, do not come from standardized extracts and almost.

Another advantage of using Standardized extracts is that they ensure you will get the same dose in every capsule.

Dosages of ginger range from 25 mg to 100 mg. For optimal health maintenance, lower doses are better; for severe digestive problems, higher dosages may be more helpful

Summary: Ginger, it is clear, has many benefits, and is probably one of the most sought after and widely used of all the herbs. We use ginger daily, without even knowing it.

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