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What is Glutamine Peptides?

Glutamine Peptides:
Glutamine Peptides are widely used by bodybuilders and athletes who want to reduce muscular soreness after heavy workouts. Peptides are naturally derived chemicals that allow users to get larger doses of Glutamine into their system quicker. This can help support muscle growth and improve recovery times after intense exercise.

What is the difference Between L-Glutamine & Glutamine Peptides?
The difference between L-glutamine is "free form". This means that it is "free" from being bonded to other amino acids, which makes it less stable. It is still quite beneficial though. Glutamine peptides on the other hand are not "free"; instead it is bonded to other amino acids with peptide bonds. This makes it more stable and better assimilated by the body.

What are the key benefits?
Unlike L-Glutamine, the other widely available dietary supplement, Glutamine Peptides are much more stable thanks to the bond between the Glutamine itself and the Peptides that are connected to it.

The advantage of this more stable form of the supplement is that it is digested more rapidly, and thus has a faster uptake than other forms. By Taking Glutamine Peptides, you will be able to get the benefits far more quickly, making it a great post workout supplement to enhance muscular recovery and muscular growth.

There are a number of other benefits available for users of Glutamine Peptides that make them an even more effective dietary supplement. As with other essential amino acids, glutamine can be beneficial in improving the efficiency of the whole digestive system, and the action of the peptides as an anti-oxidant is well documented.

Additional information:
Taking Glutamine Peptides in conjunction with a balanced diet can provide a number of excellent gains in both the performance that can be achieved in the gym, and in overall health. They have been linked with reducing the risk of cancer and improving overall health in a number of studies.

What are the ingredients?
This product is 100% Glutamine Peptides with nothing added or taken away.

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