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What is Grapefruit?

It is commonly accepted in the medical community by both doctors and researches that individuals who consume diets high in the right types of fiber can enjoy healthier lifestyles and improved longevity.

Grapefruit pectin is a great natural source of soluble dietary fiber and offers many other health benefits that are supported by scientific evidence.

Scientists are studying grapefruit for its medicinal value in connection with the following conditions: Heart disease and high cholesterol - Grapefruit has been observed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

There is only limited research to support the use of grapefruit pectin in connection with heart disease in humans. It is not clear what dose is safe or effective.

Benefits Of Grapefruit:
Eczema - One study suggests that grapefruit may provide benefit for those with eczema. However, this study was small, and therefore it is unclear whether there is any benefit from grapefruit for this condition. Suggested Health Benefits of Grapefruit Pectin

Many individuals claim that grapefruit pectin produces a variety of health benefits in addition to those described above. The following health benefits are based on claims, tradition, and scientific theory.

Common cold
Kidney stones
Stomach ulcers
Traveler's diarrhea
Recommended Dosage

As a dietary, health, and nutritional supplement, take 1-3 tablets with at least 1 cup (8 oz.) of water at every meal.

All fruit contains fiber. An orange will give you seven grams, an apple five, and a banana four. But half a grapefruit provides six grams. That's about a quarter of the amount health authorities recommend.

As with most fruits, roughly half of grapefruit's fiber is insoluble (which helps prevent constipation and which may reduce the risk of colon cancer) and half is soluble (which helps lower cholesterol levels).

"Do it for your heart," say the television ads for Florida grapefruit. "The American Heart Association (AHA) has certified Florida grapefruit and grapefruit juice as part of a heart-healthy diet."

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