Specially formulated from herb extracts and proteins, HERBATINT uses rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk, to gently deposit colour, achieving a natural, vibrant result for your hair. Due to its unique composition, HERBATINT permanently colours hair without damage - resulting in a natural, subtle colour that not only looks great, but feels good time after time. HERBATINT has a natural translucent property to enhance your hair with a light-reflecting, healthy shine; so it doesn't create the 'block colour' look often associated with chemical colourants. HERBATINT has a wide range of true semi-permanent hair colours. These colours enhance the shine and clarity of your natural hair colour whilst greatly improving the condition of the hair.

Herbatint's Ash Blonde 7c 4 .5oz
Herbatint's Ash Chestnut 4c 4.5oz
Herbatint's Black 1n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Blonde 7n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Brown 2n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Chestnut 4n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Copper Blonde 7r 4.5oz
Herbatint's Copper Chestnut 4r 4.5oz
Herbatint's Copperish Gold 9dr 4.5oz
Herbatint's Dark Ash Blonde 6c 4.5oz
Herbatint's Dark Blonde 6n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Dark Chestnut 3n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Dark Golden Blonde 6d 4.5oz
Herbatint's Golden Blond 7d 4.5oz
Herbatint's Golden Chestnut 4d 4.5oz
Herbatint's Honey Blonde 9n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Ash Blonde 8c 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Ash Chestnut 5c 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Blonde 8n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Chestnut 5n 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Copper Blonde 8r 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Copper Chestnut 5r 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Copper Gold 10dr 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Gold Blonde 8d 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Golden Chestnut 5d 4.5oz
Herbatint's Light Mahogany Chestnut 5m 4.5oz
Herbatint's Mahogany Blonde 7m 4.5oz
Herbatint's Mahogany Chestnut 4m 4.5oz
Herbatint's Platnium Blonde 10n
Herbatint's Swedish Blonde 10c 4.5oz
Herbatint's Rosemary Oil 7oz
Herbatint's Shampoo, Chamomile 6.8oz
Herbatint's Shampoo, Chamomile Lite 6.8oz
Herbatint's Shampoo, Normal 6.8oz
Herbatint's Shampoo, Super 6.8oz
Herbatint Flash Fashion FF1 Henna Red 4.5 oz
Herbatint Flash Fashion FF2 Crimson Red 4.5oz
Herbatint Flash Fashion FF3 Plum 4.5oz
Herbatint Flash Fashion FF4 Violet 4.5 oz
Herbatint Flash Fashion FF5 Sand Blond 4.5 oz
Herbatint Flash Fashion FF6 Orange 4.5oz
Herbatint's Vegetal Ash Blonde
Herbatint's Vegetal Ash Chestnut
Herbatint's Vegetal Black 2 fl oz
Herbatint's Vegetal Blonde
Herbatint's Vegetal Chestnut
Herbatint's Vegetal Copper Blonde
Herbatint's Vegetal Golden Blonde
Herbatint's Vegetal Golden Chestnut
Herbatint's Vegetal Henna Red
Herbatint's Vegetal Honey Blonde
Herbatint's Vegetal Mahogany Chestnut
Herbatint's Shampoo, Chamomile Lite 6.8oz
Herbatint's Shampoo, Chamomile 6.8oz
Herbatint's Shampoo, Normal 6.8oz
Herbatint's Rosemary Oil 7oz
Herbatint's Shampoo, Super 6.8oz
Herbatint's Vegetal Hair Color Mahogany Blonde 2 fl oz