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What is Holy Basil?

Holy basil (Tulsi), like the sweet basil used in cooking, comes from India where it is revered as a sacred herb. The Egyptians burned a mixture of basil and myrrh to appease their gods. Sweet Basil "Ocimum basilicum" was introduced in Europe as a seasoning for food.

The herb has very important medicinal properties notably its ability to reduce blood sugar levels. It also prevents peptic ulcers and other stress related conditions like hypertension, colitis and asthma.

Basil is also used to treat cold and reduce fever, congestion and joint pain. Due to its anti-bacterial and fungicide action, basil leaves are used on itching skin, insect biting and skin affections. People also use it for high blood pressure

Holy Basil is being used in variety of herbal ayurvedic formulations. Most dominantly it is used in bronchitis and asthmatic conditions. It gives great relief in cough especially one predominated by kapha.

Because of its great healing property has been indicated in variety of diseases. Being ushan (hot) in potency it is regarded as vata and kapha suppressant, hence all the diseases caused by vata and kapha can be treated with the help of holy basil.

Skin Problems:
As we begin with the skin problems, it acts as anti bacterial and anti parasitic, therefore is widely used in infectious diseases.

Nervous System:
It act on nervous system providing them strength, relieves stress and also helps in relieving pain, as it is vata suppressant.

It work as appetizer and promotes digestion by helping in secretion of digestive enzymes. It helps in preventing flatulence and avoids constipated stool. It also keeps check on any infection that might invade our digestive system.

Heart Disease:
Holy Basil is also seen very useful in heart disease. It provides strength to heart and helps in proper working.

It also helps to detoxify any toxin that might be circulating through our body via blood thereby have the property to purify blood.

Repiratory System:
finds great importance in respiratory tract disease. It gives marvelous results in upper respiratory tract infection (URTI).

As mentioned earlier that it acts rigorously on kapha hence it works as good expectorant relieving from wet cough.

Bronchitis and Asthmatic:
It also finds its good use in bronchitis and asthmatic conditions. It helps to fight the cause of allergy by which our respiratory tract gets inflamed and then resolves the causative agent. Other Usages: It also shows good results in chest pains. Holy basil finds great use in fever as it act as antipyretic, pain reliever, and provides strength to our body. Some beneficial results were also seen in diabetes and micturation related problems. It also acts as an antidote for many poisons. Holy basil is known to possess anti-cancerous properties.

Some home remedies for tulsi:
Power of seed of holy basil when taken with water gives great results in menstrual disorder

Root of holy basil is powdered and kept overnight in water, if taken daily early morning proves to be very beneficial in diabetes.

Holy basil juice drops are very effective in earache.

holy basil juice when mixed with ginger juice is very effective in abdominal disorder in children.

Powder of holy basil leaves added with saunth (dried ginger) and sugar when taken with hot water is a famous remedy for fever.

A holy basil seed processed in castor oil is very effective remedy for hair lice problem.

It is said that if one holy basil leaf if swallowed daily, that person never suffers from cancer.

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