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What is Homeopathic?

Homeopathy is a system that attempts to stimulate the body to heal itself. I realized that all symptoms, no matter how uncomfortable they are, represent the bodys attempt to restore itself to health.

So instead of trying to dry up the runny nose from a cold with antihistamines, a homeopath will use a remedy that will stimulate the body to move in the direction it is already going, and, in the process, clear the runny nose!

It is a system that looks at individuals and not at diseases. Each of us suffers a cold in his or her unique way. Yet conventional medicine makes the assumption that all colds are alike and offers a common series of drugs something to dry the nose, something to bring down the fever, something to suppress the cough, something to ease the headache.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, looks for the one substance that will cure the individual case. The person with a beginning cold, characterized by slow onset, aching, loss of appetite, chills, and a desire to be left alone will need a different remedy than the person whose cold comes on a bit quicker and is characterized by intense sneezing, a runny nose that burns the upper lip, a desire for hot drinks, a bone chilling coldness, and a desire not to be left alone.

We characterize both as colds, but they are expressed differently, and, therefore, are in need of different homeopathic remedies.

Interestingly enough, this type of approach is actually used in allergy treatment and in vaccine development, where a patient is treated with a small amount of inactivated virus, which helps to protect them against infection with the real form of the virus.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeopathic Medicine:
This type of therapy does, of course, have some advantages and disadvantages. Here's a quick guide to homeopathic medicine, and its pros and cons.

Homeopathy is effective-when the right remedy is used a patient can be cured quickly and permanently.

Homeopathy is generally safe enough for use in pregnant women, and children, and can be used in conjunction with other types of treatment.

Homeopathy is completely natural, with most remedies based on entirely natural ingredients.

Treatments work with the immune system, whereas many conventional treatments work to suppress it.

Homeopathic remedies do not cause addiction.

Homeopathy is a holistic therapy that treats the cause of symptoms, rather than simply suppressing the symptoms.

Sometimes it can take a while for a homeopathic physician to determine the right treatment. "Standard" homeopathic medicines don't exist in this type of therapy you must take exactly the correct treatment for it to work.

For example, there's no standard remedy for a stomach-ache, as for each patient the underlying cause of the pain is often different, and different symptoms may accompany moderate or severe pain.

There's an enormous range of different remedies in existence. This means, for an average homeopathic pharmacy, it's impossible to stock all types of treatment. If you need an unusual remedy for your symptoms, it may take some time for the pharmacy to locate it.

Some companies provide thousands of remedies to counter this. this include Boiron, Boericke Tafel, Natra-Bio etc

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