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Hylands - Nuage Tissue C Acidity 125 tab

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To the newcomer to Biochemistry, the following list of ailments and suggested remedies will prove helpful. As experience in the use of the tissue salts is acquired, the aim should then be to determine the most prominent symptom in any given case and to treat that symptom first. The name of the ailment can mean little or nothing, but symptoms viewed in light of the teachings of Biochemistry are a guide to the nature of the body's deficiency and to the corrective treatment required. It should be borne in mind that these suggestions are intended as first aids for the treatment of minor, self-limiting ailments. It is always advisable to consult a professional, preferably a homeopathic physician, whenever the symptoms persist, or if they are in any way unusual at the beginning or during the course of an illness. As a means of providing first aid, the NuAge Biochemic Tissue Salts are invaluable. The tissue salt remedies are perfectly safe at all times. 1-Calc Fluor For Backache, Hemorrhoids and Muscle Pain, 2-Calc Phos For Convalescence, Diarrhea, Limb Ailments, 3-Calc Sulph For Coughs, Skin Ailments, Sore Throat, Colds and Toothache, 4-Ferr Phos For Colds, Fever and Headaches, 5-Kali Mur For Coughs, Eye Irritation and Skin Ailments, 6-Kali Phos For Occasional Sleeplessness and Simple Nervous Tension, 7-Kali Sulph For Coughs, Earache and Sinus Congestion, 8-Mag Phos For Gastric Disturbances and Muscle Pain, 9-Nat Mur For Colds, Headaches and Constipation, 10-Nat Phos For Acidity, Diarrhea and Headaches, 11-Nat Sulph For Constipation, Flatulence and Headaches, 12-Silica For Acidity and Skin Ailments.

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