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Inositol, a member of the Vitamin B complex, effects nerve transmission, helps with transporting fats within the body, and is required for proper development of cell membranes.

Most dietary Inositol comes in the form of phytate, found in nuts and beans, wheat and wheat bran, cantaloupe, and oranges.

Inositol, while classified as a vitamin, does not function like other vitamins; it does, however, work with other vitamins, including B6, B12, Choline, and methionine. These nutrients should be taken in combination.

Inositol Benefits:

Inositol Hexanicotinate:
Inositol works with other B vitamins above to minimize the buildup of fats in the liver. It is, therefore, often used to treat a variety of liver problems and conditions. Inositol is also used to lower blood cholesterol levels; those consuming a diet low in inositol are more susceptible to developing cholesterol problems.

Although there is no supporting scientific data, inositol may help those with diabetes and bipolar disorders, anxiety, and depression. Its usefulness in treating these conditions has, at least, not been contraindicated.

Inositol: Additional Benefits
Inositol, as we discussed above, often used to counter depression; serotonin--a crucial brain neurotransmitter associated with our moodsŚwill, in fact, not perform properly in the absence of inositol.

Inositol is present within all human cells, playing an important role in the health-vital functions of cell proliferation and differentiation.

Ongoing studies indicate inositol may have anticarcinogenic properties. While the the initial research results are positive, however, additional time and research arenecessary to establish definitve results.

Inositol: What to Watch Out For?
There is no data supporting the possibility of inositol deficiencies. Diabetics, however, have increased excretion of inositol and, as a result, may benefit from supplementation.

There is also no evidence of inositol toxicity. People who have chronic renal failure, however, should use inositol under a doctor's supervision.

Large amounts of phytates could reduce the body's ability to absorb calcium, iron, and zinc. And women who are either pregnant or wish to become so, because it may stimulate uterine contractions, should only use inositol under the supervision of their physicians.

Because it is not considered an essential nutrient, inositol has no RDAŚrecommended daily allowance. We advise against consuming mega-doses--500 mgs and over--of inositol until further studies confirm the optimum dosage for health benefits.

Recommended Dosages:
A dosage of between 20 mgs and 75 mgs is currently regarded as the most beneficial.

How to Select an Inositol hexanicotinate Supplement?
1. Obtain your product from pharmaceutical GMP compliant manufacturers, which comply with the worldĺs strictest regulatory standards for the manufacture of nutritional supplements. Consumers should be vigilant, because dietary supplements are unregulated in the U.S., and many supplements produced there have been shown either to contain contaminants or lack the ingredientsis stated on the label.

2.Make sure that you choose a product that does not contain any fillers or additives--examples include sugar, starch, gluten, silica (sand!), or artificial colors or flavors of any kind.

3. Inositol, as we previously mentioned, works synergistically with B6, B12, Choline, and methionine. We therefore suggest taking all of these nutrients

INOSITOL <--Click On the Name To buy

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