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What is Juniper?

The evergreen juniper plant tree may grow as a tall bush, standing upright. Or, it may just be a shrub, which stays close to the ground. It has yellow flowers, needles, and blue berries, which turn black upon maturity. It is the ripened berry where the source of Juniper essential oil is produced. The aroma is a nice spicy, pine-like scent, often associated with gin. It is added to gin for flavoring.

Health benefits:
The oil of juniper has been used medicinally for hundreds of years to treat stomach and digestive problems as well as kidney and bladder conditions. Native Americans used it to treat many illnesses, and it was also an important part of their diet. Dried juniper berries were ground and made into cakes that were used to prevent hunger when other food was scarce.

The active ingredients in the oil of juniper berries can help to reduce intestinal gas and stomach cramps. It can also help to dissolve and eliminate uric acid from the body, making it useful in the treatment of kidney stones, which are comprised of uric acid.

Juniper berry is also said to help reduce blood sugar levels. If taken in small amounts, it can help increase appetite, and it is thought to help decrease congestion associated with asthma as well.

Therapeutic Effect:
The main constituents in juniper oil are pinene, terpinen, and terpineol. These help to make the oils useful for stimulating circulation, fighting skin irritations, and for muscle pains.

Juniper helps with certain Conditions:
Toner for oily skin: Combine 1 drop of juniper oil, with 1/2 cup of witch hazel, and 1/2 cup of cool water, and shake well. Apply to skin with cotton pads soaked with mixture. It helps to protect against additional infection or inflammation.

Joint Pain:
Mix 4 drops of juniper oil, 4 drops of lavender oil, and 2 drops of rosemary oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Massage in to areas which are affected by sore joints or arthritis.

Mix 1 drop of Juniper oil and 1 drop of Roman-chamomile oil in a warm sitz bath. Sit for 5 minutes to allow the properties of the oils to take action.

Junipers' stimulating effect helps to firm the connective tissues. Blend 2 drops of juniper oil, 2 drops of cypress oil and 2 drops of orange oil in approximately 2 TBSP of carrier oil. Before showering, massage the affected area with a skin brush, shower, and massage affected area upon exiting shower with blend.

For pet lovers:
For pets' skin: Add 4 drops of juniper oil to their bath water. It helps with the dry scaly skin conditions some pets have.

For their sleeping place:
Blend 5 drops of juniper and 10 drops of lavender in a spray bottle with water. Spray where they sleep and lounge. To get rid of fleas and ticks, add 2 drops of eucalyptus to the blend.

The juniper plant tree has many all natural remedies. If you are looking for an alternative, and all natural method for any of the conditions above, juniper oil may be just right for you.

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