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Since its establishment

The Wakunaga group of companies has been playing a unique role in promoting public health worldwide through the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality medicinal herbs. The corporate philosophy of Wakunaga centers around a commitment to research and a mission to serve public health. This mission is accomplished by providing products of the highest quality, which are supported by truthful science and accompanied by helpful consumer information.

Self-medication now prevails worldwide as a major trend in health care

Partly as a remedy for saving government medical costs. On the other hand, self-medication is also a counteraction to side effects sometimes caused by the treatments of “traditional” Western medicine. While modern medical technology is important and crucial to save lives from serious illnesses or injuries, it is essential to prevent diseases as much as possible. Under the current environment, where self-medication is promoted and “alternative” medicine is well accepted, medicinal herbs can be widely used to enhance the immune system and support the body’s natural self-healing power to maintain good health.

Both Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Company* and Wakunaga of America Company**

Keenly recognize the social responsibility of companies engaged in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and nutritional and herbal supplements. This responsibility permeates every aspect of Wakunaga’s operations.

At Wakunaga, we are leaders in the field of scientific research. Our state -of-the-art manufacturing systems and stringent quality assurance result in products that are safe and effective — products that protect and serve our consumers. It is our continuing mission to promote good health throughout the world.

Award Winning Quality
Wakunga of America follows the same high quality standards to manufacture products which have been established by its parent company throughout 40 years of experience. Quality checks cover every aspect of the manufacturing process -from the organic cultivation of garlic through production, packaging and distribution. Wakunaga products are manufactured according to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices established by the World Health Organization. In addition, Wakunaga has earned the distinctive ISO 9002 certification, recognizing compliance to the international quality standard and demonstrating the company's commitment to total quality assurance. *the headquarters in Japan
**the subsidiary in the United States

Kyolic #150 EPA Fishoil 90Caps
Kyolic 100% Vegetarian Formula 100Vcaps
Kyolic Cardio-Logic 60Caps
Kyolic Estro-Logic 60Caps
Kyolic Formula 100 Hi-Po 100Caps
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Kyolic Formula 101 W/ Brewyst 100Caps
Kyolic Formula 101 W/ Brewyst 100Tabs
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Kyolic Formula 101 W/ Brewyst 200Tabs
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Kyolic Formula 102 W/ Enzym & Vege 100Caps
Kyolic Formula 102 W/ Enzyme & Vege 100tabs
Kyolic Formula 102 W/ Enzyme & Vege 200caps
Kyolic Formula 102 W/ Enzyme & Vege 200Tabs
Kyolic Formula 103 Garlic Extract w/ Vitamin C & Astragulus100Caps
Kyolic Formula 103 Immune W/ Ester-C, Astragalus & Mushrooms Oregano and Olive Leaf 200Caps
Kyolic Formula 104 W/ Lecithin 100Caps
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Kyolic Formula 106 W/ Herb & E 100Caps
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Kyolic Formula 107 Phytosterols Formula 240Caps
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Kyolic Formula 108 Homocysteine Formula 100Caps
Kyolic Formula 110 Garlic Extract w/ Co-Q-10 100Caps
Kyolic EPA W/ Garlic and DHA 180Sgel
KyolicGinkgo Biloba Plus 90Caps
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