Life Links History

LifeLink was founded in 1992 by David Blanco to bring cutting-edge biologics to people with life-threatening diseases (LTDs). LifeLink's role in the dietary supplement industry has been enhanced by our being the first company to introduce products such as 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), DHEA, Pregnenolone, and Methylcobalamin. Life Link provides advanced supplements, factual no-nonsense information, good prices and great service. We sell directly to end-users through mail order and to health food stores and health-care professionals. Our web page enables Life Link products to reach domestic and foreign buyers via e-commerce — an important asset for a company that is mentioned as a source in many health-related books published in several languages.

Life Link 5-HTP 25mg 90Lzgs (SUBLINGUAL)
Life Link 5-HTP 50mg 60Caps
Life Link 5-HTP 50mg 120Caps
Life Link 5-HTP 100mg 30Caps
Life Link 5-HTP 100mg 60Caps
Life Link Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg 90Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg 180Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Alpha Lipoic Acid (r-alpha only) 100mg 120Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Benfotiamine 150mg 100Caps
Life Link Beta Glucan 250mg 30Caps
Life Link BHT 250mg 500Caps
Life Link Biotin 5mg 100Tabs
Life Link Caprylic Acid 300mg 100Tab OUT OF STOCK
Life Link CardioPeptase™ 5mg 100Tabs
Life Link CDP Choline 250mg 60Caps
Life Link's Cholesstat (mixed) 60Caps
Life Link's Chromium Picolinate (MRM) 200mcg 100Caps
Life Link's Chrysin 30Caps
Life Link's Complex K 710ml
Life Link Coq10 90mg 30Caps
Life Link's Creatine (MRM) 500gm
Life Link DHEA 10mg 100Caps
Life Link DHEA 25mg 100Caps
Life Link DHEA 50mg 50Caps
Life Link DHEA 50mg 100Caps
Life Link DHEA 200mg 50Caps
Life Link DMAE 75mg 60Tabs
Life Link Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 100Sg
Life Link's Flax (MRM) 1000mg 90Sg
Life Link Folic Acid 5mg 100Caps
Life Link's Germanium Sesquioxide (JARROW) 30Caps
Life Link Glucosamine & Chondroitin 1500mg 90Caps
Life Link Ginkgo Biloba 60mg 60Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link's Glutamine 500gm
Life Link Knoitol 200mg 100Tabs
Life Link Idebenone 45mg 60Caps
Life Link Indole-3-Carbinol 200mg 60Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Lactobacillus 60Caps
Life Link's LiverX 60Caps
Life Link L-Arginine 500mg 100Caps out of stock
Life Link L-Lysine 500mg 100Caps
Life Link Melatonin 3mg 120 Sublingual Tabs
Life Link's Memory ReVitalizer 180Sg
Life Link Calcium Orotate 745mg 100Tabs
Life Link Monolith (Formely Lithium Orotate) 135mg 100Tabs
Life Link Magnesium Orotate 775mg 100Tabs
Life Link Potassium Orotate 300mg 100Tabs OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Zinc Orotate 316mg 100Tabs
Life Link Orotates Osteo Forte 100Tabs
Life Link Phosphatidylserine 100mg 30Caps
Life Link Platform Multi-Nutrient Dietary Supplement 240Caps
Life Link Poly-Zyme 021 100Tabs
Life Link Poly-Zyme 022 100Tabs OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Pregnenolone 10mg 180Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Pregnenolone 30mg 50Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Pregnenolone 30mg 150Caps
Life Link Pregnenolone 50mg 50Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Pregnenolone 50mg 100Caps
Life Link Red Rice Yeast Extract 600mg 120Caps
Life Link Rhodiola Rosea 250mg 60cap
Life Link Rosmarinic Acid Complex 120Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link's Saw Palmetto Oil 160mg 60Sg
Life Link's Silymarin 250mg 60Caps
Life Link Trace Minerals 100Caps
Life Link Tribulus Maximus 250mg 90Tabs OUT OF STOCK
Life Link Vinpocetine 10mg 90Tabs
Life Link Vitamin C powder 250g (SN) Pom
Life Link Vitamin C (time release) 1000mg 100Tabs
Life Link Xobaline 60Tabs
Life Link's N-acetylcysteine 600mg 120Caps
Life Link N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 300mg 90Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link's Ascorbyl Palmitate 500mg 45Tabs
Life Link's Beta Carotene 25000IU 100Sg
Life Link's Bioperine® 10mg 120Tabs
Source Natural Broccoli Sprouts Extract 120mg 60Tabs
Life Link's Carnosine 500mg 90Caps
Life Link's Cat’s Claw 500mg 120Tabs
Life Link PrimAGE™ 200mg 60Caps
Life Link's Copper Sebacate 22mg 60Tabs
Life Link D3ZO 625 mcg (25000 i.u.) 30Caps
Life Link's DMAE Serum (30ml) 1fl oz
Life Link's Trans-Ferulic Acid 250mg 30Tabs
Life Link GABA 750mg 100Caps OUT OF STOCK
Life Link's Garlic & Parsley 500/100mg 100Sg
Life Link's Genistein 4mg 120Tabs
Life Link's Ginseng 648mg 50Tabs
Life Link's Vitamin E Tocotrienol Complex 34mg 30Sg
Life Link's Lutein 6mg 90Caps
Life Link's Lycopene 10mg 30Sg
Life Link NoöCamilon™ 50mg 120Caps
Life Link's Ornithine Ketoglutarate 57gm
Life Link's Pine Bark Extract 50mg 30Tabs
Life Link's Policosanol 10mg 60Tabs
Life Link Progesterone Cream 100mg (57gm) 2oz
Life Link's Quercetin 500mg 60Caps
Life Link's Regimint (0.4ml) 60Caps
Life Link's SAM-e 200mg 20Tabs
Life Link's Vitamin B-1 100mg 100Tabs
Life Link's Vitamin B-2 100mg 100Tabs
Life Link's Vitamin B-3 100mg 250Tabs
Life Link's Vitamin B-6 100mg 100Tabs
Life Link's Vitamin C ESTER-C (Calcium Ascorbate) 1000mg 100Tabs
Life Link's B-50 Complex 50mg 100Tabs
Life Link's Omega-3 Fish Oil Liquid 200ml
Life Link EGCG 350mg 60Caps
Life Link's Grape Seed Extract 120mg 100Caps
Life Link ILLuminol 30Caps
Life Link NoöRacetam 800mg 90Caps
Life Link Potassium Iodate 42.5mg 60Tabs
Life Link's Thymic Protein A Packets 30Pkts
Life Link's Vitamin B-5 100mg 250Tabs