A Full Line Of Life's Fortune Products At The House Of Nutrition

About Life's Fortune

Often we're asked about the meaning behind our company name. Our reply:

Think of "the village well".... Recall the image of Jesus and the woman at the well. It was a community meeting place; a place to make connections and get information. Most importantly, it was the place to get water for the home and family -- a need that must be met.

Our simple goal is to earn an honest income while being your best source for clean, quality products and professional services, and to provide the greatest possible benefits to all customers and clients. In the truest sense, this business is both a commercial enterprise and a spiritual mission.

We are a place of healing. Body, mind, spirit; we address it all. We take very seriously the privilege and responsibility of serving the needs of our patrons.

And we are a place; a physical place, located in the small historic town of Bedford in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. If you can't come meet us, call, email us or order online. Give us a chance to serve your needs. -- Wishing you well, Linda and Ken Burger, Proprietors