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What is Lung Support?

Breathing is something most of us don't think about. Believe it or not, you take 20,000 breaths a day--that's more than seven million times per year! The respiratory system gives us the breath of life. Air and the oxygen in it, is as vital as food and its nutrients, and the main organ that supply oxygen to your blood are lungs.

For 20 years or more it has been known that a persons lung capacity is an indicator of longevity. The facts found in the famous "Framingham Heart Study" states that "The bigger that your lungs are the longer your life will be". It provides information about the general health of the lungs.

A spirometer is the instrument used in the health profession to accurately measure lung capacity. The average human lungs hold about 5 liters of air. It was recently revealed that Grant Hacket, an Australian swimmer and one of the supreme athletes of world sport, has a whopping 13 liter lung capacity. It can vary with height and age, sex, weight and degree of physical activity. Females tend to have 20-25% lower capacity than males and tall people tend to have more then shorter people.

Unfortunately the capacity for the lungs can't be physically increased, however there are many ways to improve the efficiency of your lungs and prevent volume loss as you age.

How to maintain healthy lungs?
Vitamin D:
Researchers found that healthy lung patients had remarkably higher levels of vitamin D, while those with low levels of vitamin D had weaker lungs. The tests measured the amount of air that can be forced in one second after taking a deep breath and the amount that is expelled after taking a deep breath. Those with the highest levels of vitamin D showed a much larger lung capacity.

Lotus Root Tea:
Made from the root of the esteemed Asian water lily. It helps dissolve and eliminate mucus and lung congestion over time. Lotus root traditionally has been used to neutralize toxins accumulated in the lung as well as in treating other respiratory diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, and coughing.

Platycodon Root:
Platycodon has been used in Chinese medicine for over a century in treating abscesses, respiratory disorders, and intestinal disorders. Study shows that platycodon roots not only help to treat coughs due to purulent sputum and inflammation in the chest area but also removes toxins in the lung.

Wild Cherry Bark:
Wild cherry bark traditionally has been used to treat irritable and persistent cough of bronchitis, and pertussis due to increased irritability of respiratory mucosa. Since it has antispasmodic qualities, it has been used with other herbs to treat asthma and enhance relaxation as well as removing toxins from the lung.

Mullein contains coumarin and rotenone. It has a long history of being used as a medicine and is an effective treatment for asthma and respiratory disorders. Mullein also helps in soothing the mucous membranes, reducing inflammation and encouraging healthy fluid production in the lungs.

Ephedra has been used in Chinese medicine traditionally for 5,000 years in treating asthma, hay fever and the common cold. It also helps to support healthy sinus nasal lung and respiratory function by removing toxins in the lung.

Elecampane is also called horse-heal. It has been used for treatment of shortness of breath and helps to promote a strong lung. Elecampane is a wonderful lung tonic. Useful for asthma, and soothing to the lining of the lung.

Walking or jogging:
Try a 30-minute walk or stationary bike ride three to five times a week.

Exercises To Develop Healthy Lungs:
It may seem obvious, but aerobic (with air) exercises are the best to develop healthy lungs. These types of exercise get your heart rate and breathing up to a high level and maintain that level for at least 20 minutes, 3-5 times a week. The exercise has to slowly increase in intensity as your fitness improves and it no longer taxes your breathing enough. Jogging, walking, swimming, fast dancing, rowing, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers are probably the best for aerobic exercise.

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