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What is Lycopene?

Lycopenes are natural carotenoids that are responsible for the red color in tomatoes. Lycopenes are believed to be the most abundant carotenoid in the prostate gland. A Harvard research study shows that lycopenes play an important role in the health of the prostate. Another study followed 47,894 men for 4 years. These men ate large amounts of lycopenes and had lower rates of prostate cancer

Benefits Of Lycopene:
For ketchup-lovers across the globe, the new information circulating about the benefits of Lycopene is is indeed good news. It actually has properties that can help you become healthy on the inside and out. New research has shown that Lycopene has chemical properties that have effect of that blocking damaging UV rays. It is a sunscreen that you can eat. Doesn't sound very appetizing doesn't it?

Disease Prevention:
Lycopene has been found to be twice as effective as beta carotene for antioxidant effects. Research is uncovering many valuable properties contained in Lycopene. These include a reduced risk of cancer, heart diseases and other chronic conditions. It protects the sales from cancer-causing free radicals that attack the body.

Ketchup lovers will also be pleased to know that Lycopene also has healthy properties when ingested. Studies show that it aids in the function of cell-to-cell connections and it is helpful in some aspects of cell metabolism. The supplement is fat soluble and it has been found to be effective in tissues that have high fat and lipid content. These tissues are present in the prostate among other organs.

The skin is another organ that is high in lipids and it has been found to reap great benefits from lycopene. Some even believe that they can be beneficial in as a skin rejuvenator when applied topically. And as stated before, it is an effective sun blocking agent. And as we all know, the sun's rays can play havoc on our skin.

Before applying licopene, be sure to do it with another sun blocking product. The supplements ability to block UV light is relatively minimal. It is not the complete answer. It has an SPF of about three. That alone is not enough to protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays. However, it can be used to block the effects of indirect rays that may be passed through a window. Some people may prefer using licopene as an additional sun locker, but not in exclusion of other products.

Lycopene has also been long known for their capacity in reducing cholesterol which is another good reason that makes them such a good food and great for good health, but the latest studies findings will definitely have me devouring even more.

Ladies, perhaps we will not have to worry about buying expensive creams to keep our skin looking youthful, but just increase our intake of lycopene, yes that's right, not only this but they also found that by taking lycopene supplement regularly can also help with protection against sunburn.

** If you do not like ketchup then you can substitute that with supplements that contain Lycopene.

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