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What is L-Lysine?

Before we discuss L-Lysine benefits, let's briefly cover what it is. L-Lysine is an essential amino acid. This simply means that our bodies cannot produce it, and, therefore, we must obtain it from our diet or through supplementation.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein; their main function is to promote growth and maintenance of body tissues. We cover amino acids in more depth elsewhere on this site in case you are interested.

L-Lysine Benefits:
The benefits of L-Lysine are quite varied. In no particular order of prominence, here are some of the more important L-Lysine benefits:

L-lysine naturally helps for shingles. For anyone who has had shingles, they know how painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing this skin condition can be.

There are various medications for shingles that include antiviral drugs, steroids, topical agents, and so on. Some people swear by L-lysine natural help for shingles.

It would be nice to see a comprehensive double blind controlled study to see if L-lysine natural help for shingles is truly effective or not.

Other benefits of L-Lysine include helping genital herpes and cold sores -- both reducing the number of outbreaks and alleviating the severity of the symptoms. Some studies have been conducted that seem to indicate that L-lysine benefits these two conditions.

Lysine is required for collagen synthesis and it may be important to bone health because it appears to help the body absorb and conserve calcium.

For cold sores:
Health care providers will often recommend taking lysine for cold sores. Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are caused by outbreaks of the HSV-1 herpes virus. Once you have become infected with the virus, it will always remain dormant in your body. Many people will seldom or never experience an outbreak, while others experience outbreaks continually. Cold sore outbreaks can be painful and inhibiting. Although there is no cure for cold sores, there are medications and other remedies you can try for treatment. Using lysine for cold sores is one common treatment.

Some people who use lysine to treat cold sores, report that outbreaks are less frequent. They also note that when outbreaks do occur they do not last as long as untreated outbreaks. Lysine is thought to work to stunt the growth of the HSV-1 virus, by stopping it from duplicating itself. Lysine can be taken both orally and/or used topically once the blisters form.

Deficiency Symptoms and Side Effects:
Other than the benefits of L-Lysine, there can also be deficiency symptoms if one does not get enough. Such symptoms may include: fatigue, nausea, anemia, tiredness, dizziness, loss of appetite, stunted growth, and more.

Possible side effects of taking too much L-Lysine include the development of gallstones. At nutritional-supplement-info.com we see no reason to take more than 1,000 mgs per day unless directed by a health professional.

Indeed, a dosage of 100 mgs per day seems much more reasonable to get L-Lysine benefits rather than taking unnecessarily high and possibly risky amounts. Pregnant and nursing women, along with anyone who has an existing medical condition should consult with their physician before beginning supplementation of any kind.

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