Miracle Reds® & Macro Greens™ LOS ANGELES, Calif. --Miracle Reds® and --Macro Greens™ is a success story in the making…. or rather, in the mixing!

THE MACRO GREENS™ STORY: A nutritional supplement that tastes great and is easy to prepare, Macro Greens™ was created in 1996 by fitness expert Sylvia Ortiz to help her son lose weight and since its introduction has become one of the most popular products in the rapidly growing nutritional supplements market.

THE MIRACLE REDS® STORY: It wasn’t easy, but we did it! At MacroLife Naturals Inc., we are relentlessly dedicated to bringing the unique tastes and proven health benefits of nature’s amazing fruits to you. Miracle Reds® is more than a fruit blend; it is an advanced, non-allergenic, proprietary blend of nutrient-rich, anti-aging anti-oxidants, polyphenols and heart-friendly plant sterols.

THE COMPANY MACROLIFE NATURALS: Miracle Reds® and Macro Greens™ are manufactured and distributed by MacroLife Naturals, Inc. Miracle Reds® and Macro Greens™ sales have increased more than 350 percent. Macro Greens™ was named the most successful product ever in retail sales over a five-week period at Whole Foods chain markets. Miracle Reds® and Macro Greens™ are among the most popular whole food supplements sold at many supermarkets and specialty health food stores across the nation. The company recently announced a new distribution agreement that will further increase Miracle Reds® and Macro Greens™ retail sales nationwide, offering the popular products at literally thousands leading grocery and health food retailers.

What about Sylvia’s son?

He was depressed and on the road to health problems and Sylvia had been obese so she knew what he was experiencing. So for her son and herself, and so many others like them, she created Macro Greens™. Astonishingly tasty when mixed with water or any non-citrus juice, Macro Greens™ is completely nutritious, builds health and cleanses the system.

With Macro Greens™, Sylvia’s son lost more than 65 lbs while lowering his body fat from 30 to 12 percent. Now he is a healthy young man with a new, positive self- image! With Macro Greens™, Sylvia lost nearly 50 lbs too.