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What is Magnesium?

To remain youthful, energetic and healthy, you really need to know your magnesium facts; this wonderful information could even save your life! If you dont get enough magnesium, chances are youre aging faster than you need to and may need to consider taking magnesium supplements.

Interestingly enough, the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are identical to those often found in old age: irregular heartbeat, clogged arteries, increased risk of heart attack, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and predisposition to diabetes.
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Magnesium, Vitamin and Supplement Information

And the magnesium facts reveal that chances are youre not getting enough magnesium! In fact, 75% of people living in the United States and other Western nations are estimated to consume much less magnesium than needed. The elderly, in particular, are at serious risk of magnesium deficiency with two thirds consuming less than 75 percent of the already underestimated RDA.

Benefits Of Magnesium:
Other people who need to be careful about their magnesium intake are those with diabetes, on low-calorie diets, alcoholics, on heart medications, heavy exercisers and those with fat malabsorption difficulties. This magnesium deficiency is occurring despite readily available magnesium sources. Magnesium supplements are therefore the easiest way to ensure that enough magnesium is being included in the diet.

The magnesium facts make it clear that the benefits of magnesium cannot be underestimated. It protects our cells against aging in many ways as well as protecting us against heart disease, lowering blood pressure, protecting against diabetes preventing the recurrence of kidney stones and improving the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Magnesium supplements also strengthen muscles and work with calcium to ensure strong bones and protect against osteoporosis. If taken along with a diet rich in magnesium sources, they can protect against a range of illnesses.

Magnesium With Calcium Why?
Because they dont know their magnesium facts, a lot of people are unaware that magnesium and calcium should really be taken together. For example, an elderly person supplementing with calcium, but not with magnesium, is at risk of stroke, heart attack and blood clots.

The rule of thumb is that magnesium supplements should be half the dose of calcium supplements so if you take 1000mg of calcium daily you need to take 500mg daily of magnesium also. While magnesium sources are easily accessible, calcium in forms that the body finds easy to convert, are not. Therefore dual supplementation is recommended to cover nutritional gaps.

Other Benefits:
Magnesium is a powerful antioxidant that keeps cell membranes flexible and protected against the onslaught of cancer-causing free radicals. Magnesium facts such as these, can give you the information you need to prevent premature aging and even death.

If you have been deficient in magnesium for a long time, you are probably also deficient in Vitamin E. This is likely because Vitamin E supplies in the body become exhausted fighting off the free radicals encouraged by the lack of magnesium. Magnesium supplements in conjunction with other magnesium sources will therefore protect the bodys vitamin E supplies and thereby protect against aging.

There are wonderful benefits to taking magnesium supplements. Magnesium regulates the amount of calcium required to keep the heart beat steady. Magnesium also aids in the prevention and even the reversal of Adult Diabetes.

Side Effects:
Yet despite these benefits, magnesium facts tell us to be cautious. Taking more than 500mg of magnesium daily can cause diarrhea and people who have experienced heart failure, have a family history of heart disease or kidney problems should consult their doctor before taking magnesium supplements.

Sources of Magnesium:
Magnesium sources are readily available. A range of easily accessible food sources contain magnesium including whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. If you need to supplement, magnesium oxide is not recommended as it often makes people feel unwell. Effective magnesium supplements are magnesium chloride, magnesium-aspartate, magnesium gluconate and magnesium lactate.

Magnesium has been called a miracle mineral alongside chromium, zinc and selenium. Fortunately, its a readily available, affordable miracle.

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