Located in South Florida, Maximum International's products have been a mainstay of many national, regional and local health and nutrition centers since the company's Maximum Testosterole debuted in 1999. Product demand and in-house stocking restraints have forced the company to upgrade locations twice since its inception. Since its meager one product beginnings, Maximum International has become a major player in the dietary supplement industry, now offering an overwhelming 100+ products, in five brand name lines.

The company's newest line "The Good Doctor", features one of the hottest new products available. OrthoSil is a specially formulated proprietary blend of proven ingredients that not only relieve bone and joint pain, naturally and in a time efficient manner. But also help to retard joint degradation.

Introduced in 2005, the Maximize line features three products containing some of the most exciting and talked about ingredients in the supplement industry today. Hoodia500 with Green Tea has done exceptionally well, and Maximum International uses only 100% South African Hoodia, clinically proven to contain the appetite suppressing molecule. Avocado Soy Unsaponifiables300 is the latest craze in joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, and has been much publicized as an excellent natural remedy in recent months due to Dr. Theodosakis' best-selling book "The Arthritis Cure", which supports ASU as being best natural remedy in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Maximum's 1-EZ Diet line of products, featuring 5 all-natural proprietary formula products created to meet and combat dietary vices such as carb intake and food cravings, has been well received in the supplement industry. '1-EZ Diet's Fat and Carb Blocker" has been a top seller at Maximum International for over two years.

Maximum International's Aspen Naturally line features over 90 of the most sought after dietary supplements on the market, featuring only the highest quality ingredients available. This line is the Rolls Royce of supplements.