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About Maitake Products, Inc.

The company is a pioneer to introduce the products and the health benefits of maitake mushroom, a Japanese mushroom.
Today, the company has been a leader of research and product development of maitake mushroom, other medicinal mushrooms, and its high quality product line has been overwhelmingly accepted by health enthusiastic consumers and health care professionals.

The Mushrooms

Throughout Asia, certain mushrooms have played important roles in people's life, being used to maintain health, preserve youth and increase longevity.

literally means "Dancing mushroom." Legend has it that those who find it deep in the mountain start dancing with joy. Now modern science proves the legend, making the king in reality.

MAITAKE is known to work as potent adaptogen to balance altered body systems toward normal. Researchers claim that maitake's unique polysaccharide compound (D-fraction), Beta-glucan, makes it superior to other medical mushrooms including Shiitake and Reiishi.