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What is Men's Health Support?

Today, there are a lot more challenges to menís health than a hundred years ago. Plus, the stress of holding down a job and supporting a family, especially in tough economic times, can lead to self-destructive behaviors such as smoking, drug use and heavy drinking.

So, whatís the 21st-century man to do to improve his immunity, energy and sexual vigor?
Get some support from menís vitamins specifically geared towards menís health.

Men's Health Vitamin Information, Below the Best Vitamins for Men's Health

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Men's Vitamins & Supplements

MENíS VITAMINS A manís physiology is different than a womanís; therefore, menís vitamins must be different as well. Vitamins for men tend to be formulated with higher concentrations of B vitamins and amino acids. Menís multivitamin and mineral supplements will also feature herbs such as Saw Palmetto and Lycopene to support prostate health.**

Saw Palmetto, Lycopene and Pygeum are among the most popular herbal supplements for men because of the role they play in supporting prostate health.** Additionally, Yohimbe is popular supplement for male sexual health, while DHEA and L-Arginine can be used for metabolic support.**

Here is a Selection of the Leading Menís Vitamins and Supplements: Saw Palmetto ó Saw Palmetto has been established as the leading herb for menís health.** It helps support urinary function in mature men, and is a highly beneficial herb for prostate health.**

Lycopene ó Primarily found in tomatoes, Lycopene supports a healthy immune system and prostate health, two important factors for men.**

Pygeum ó A traditional herb for menís health, Pygeum is derived from an evergreen plant found in tropical Africa. Pygeum helps support prostate function.**

Yohimbe óYohimbe contains alkaloids that help support sexual health in men.** Yohimbe originates from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree. Yohimbine, the active ingredient in Yohimbe supplements, is known as an alpha-2 antagonist, which causes it to help stimulate metabolism and support blood flow.**

DHEA ó Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone naturally produced by the body in the adrenal glands. A study published in the highly respected Journal of the American Medical Association found that supplementation with 50 mg of DHEA per day in mature adults helped promote sugar metabolism.** Levels of DHEA can decline with age, making DHEA supplementation important.**

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Menís Vitamins for Energy:
*Siberian Ginseng Ė This powerful herb has been used for centuries to promote energy.

Vitamin D

Ė This ďsunshine vitaminĒ improves energy, stamina and the immune system.
*Vitamin B12 Ė Reduces fatigue
*Vitamin B6 Ė Is responsible for helping the body derive glucose, the primary source of energy in the body.

Support for Hair and Skin:
*Vitamin A can reduce menís dry skin and decrease the appearance of lines.
*B complex vitamins can help menís hair grow thicker and faster.

Vitamins for Memory:
These days, memory problems arenít just limited to older men. Technology, the media and stress can leave even college-aged men scratching their heads.
*Omega 3 fatty acid found in krill oil helps improve brain and neurological health
*Ginkgo biloba fights free radicals that can cause poor memory.

Menís Vitamins for Sexual Health:

Millions of men live with erectile dysfunction. Men concerned about their sexual health can turn to a supplement for erectile dysfunction called L-arginine.
*L-arginine, called ďnatureís ViagraĒ is an amino acid that helps the release of nitric oxide, which helps the blood vessels in the sexual organs relax. This can lead to firmer, longer-lasting erections.
*Zinc is a mineral that supports testosterone production and increases sperm count.

Support for Prostate:
The antioxidant lycopene and the herb saw palmetto have both been clinically proven to reduce and prevent enlarged prostate.

Vitamins for Immune System:
To keep colds and flu at bay, turn to vitamins, A, C, E and beta carotene.

Sleep is essential to menís health:
*Chelated magnesium is a crucial mineral responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. It helps improve neurological health, eases feelings of stress and promotes restful sleep.
*Vitamin B6 and krill oil also support the nervous system and the natural herb, valerian, is a potent sleep aid thatís non habit-forming.

Menís Multivitamins

Busy men who donít want the hassle of keeping up with a bunch of different supplements can look to a menís multivitamin for their specific nutritional needs.

Note of Caution:
Just because theyíre natural, doesnít mean menís vitamins are right for every man. For example, valerian should not be taken by those with a blood disorder or those taking any psychiatric medication. If youíre currently taking prescription medication or have a serious health problem, talk to your doctor before using menís dietary supplements.
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