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What is Methoxyisoflavone?

Flavones are the latest big supplement to hit the market. Methoxyisoflavone is a non-hormonal anabolic compound that has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, increase protein synthesis and improve recovery from exercise.

During tests that led to the issuing of a patent for methoxyisoflavone the following findings were noted:

It was found to be more anabolic than anabolic steroids without any of the side effects.

It increased lean body mass significantly within 30 days while producing no androgenic effect.

Cortisol levels were reduced and nitrogen levels increased considerably.

Flavones can be safely taken by men and women who want to boost their lean muscle gains without risking the hazards associated with taking anabolic steroids. A dose of 400-800 mg can be taken daily, split over two doses. Its effects can be enhanced by taking it with protein due to the ability of protein to force nutrients into muscle cells.

Methoxy can also be stacked safely with ZMA to maximise testosterone gains, or ecdysterone to increase protein synthesis, maintain a positive nitrogen balance and keep the body in an anabolic

Where to find Methoxyisoflavone:
Methoxyflavone is a synthetic extract a version of one of the major isoflavones, which are plant-based compounds with estrogen-like effects found primarily in soybeans.

Performance Benefits:
Why athletes use Methoxyisoflavone?
The claims of methoxy's muscle-building potential are fairly exaggerated and clearly lack supporting science. Although it's been shown and used for decades to increase the weight of barnyard animals, that doesn't necessarily mean it works or is safe for us too.

On the other hand, the isoflavone upon which methoxy was based, ipriflavone (daidzein), remains as useful as ever for the skeletal system and heart. For more information on soy isoflavones, see our nutrient profile on soy protein.

Ways that Methoxyisoflavone can enhance Muscle Gain & Recovery:
Potentially increase muscle mass by increasing nitrogen retention.

Supposedly help suppress cortisol levels and spare muscle tissue

Ways that Methoxyisoflavone can enhance Fat Loss:
Possibly decrease fat by suppressing appetite and transporting nutrients away from fat tissue

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