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What is Molybdenum?

Molybdenum is an essential mineral for both animals and humans alike. The lowest quantities are found in tissue. The highest quantities are found in the liver, the kidney, the adrenal gland, and in bone.

Molybdenum assists in the breaking down of sulfite toxin build-ups in the body, and may prevent cavities. With these qualities, there might be evidence of antioxidant properties in this nutrient. It assists the body by fighting the nitrosamines, which are associated with cancer, and may help to prevent anemia. It is needed for normal cell function and nitrogen metabolism.

Molybdenum can be found in some food sources such as legumes, cereal products, and leafy vegetables. It is generally easily absorbed. The nutrient can however, be affected by particular food components.

Molybdenum Deficiencies?
Deficiencies in molybdenum are generally rare and seen only in individuals with serious disorders. Metabolic defects are identified with the absence of three molybdenum enzymes.

Deficiency in metabolic disorders also has abnormal excretion of sulfur metabolites, low uric acid concentration, and elevated hypothyroxine and xanthine excretions.

Molybdenum deficiencies in older males have also been linked to impotence and may be of value in fighting mouth and gum disorders. Molybdenum is part of sulfite oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down sulfites. Sulfites are found in protein food as well as chemical preservatives in certain foods and drugs. Should your body not be able to break down these sulfites, a toxic build-up results, and your body may react with an allergic reaction. These allergic reactions can be respiratory problems such as asthma and others.

Molybdenum is also part of xanthine oxidase and aldehyde oxidase - both involved in the body's production of genetic material and proteins. Xanthine oxidase also helps the body to oxidize purines and pyrimidines, and produce uric acid, an important waste product.

The absence of sulfide oxidase in metabolic disorders leads to death at an early age. Without a sufficient amount of molybdenum to metabolize them they become toxic and can cause auto-immune diseases. Toxicity of molybdenum is more likely than a deficiency. Toxicity is common in cattle grazing in pastures that have molybdenum rich soil. It has also been noted that high incidents of gout has been seen in humans with intake of 10-`15 milligrams daily.

Basically, we need this nutrient to maintain our overall health, so it essential we get the right amount in our dietary intake.

Our Tip on Choosing Molybdenum:
Consumers should buy health supplements from pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities, such places adhere to the most exacting manufacturing standards.

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