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What is Multi Minerals?

Multi Minerals:
Studies show that most people are not getting their required daily allowance (RDA) for certain minerals. If youve been feeling sluggish lately, you must be one of these people and a multi-mineral supplement may be able to help you.

These supplements contain the vitamins and minerals which your body cannot manufacture by itself, and which your unbalanced diet fails to deliver.

What does a typical multi-mineral supplement contain?
Here are some of the most useful minerals a dose can give you:

1. Magnesium:
Magnesium is the most vital mineral to the human body. It is also the mineral deficient in the most number of Americans. A multi-mineral supplement can help you get it.

Magnesium benefits each cell in your body. This mineral affects your bones, muscles, nerves, and cardiovascular parts. Magnesium is also important to the formation of cells and aids in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is our bodys main source of energy.

What happens when you lack magnesium? Researches point out that deficiency of this mineral can be a factor to the development of serious conditions like asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and pre-eclampsia. Physical manifestations of magnesium deficiency include migraines, eye twitches, back and neck pain, anxiety disorder, fatigue, muscle spasms, and vertigo, among others.

2. Calcium:
Calcium contributes to the formation and maintenance of good and healthy bones. Together with magnesium, this mineral is important for your muscles to function properly. Both provide the mechanism for your muscles to contract and relax including the muscles found in your heart.

If you want to have your calcium RDA for the day, increase your intake of dairy products and vegetables. Ask your doctor if you could take a multi-mineral supplement if you do not think that your diet gives you enough.

3. Phosphorus, sulfur, and sodium:
These three minerals are as important as calcium and magnesium, but they are much easier to get. For instance, almost all of our meals include sodium (since most are seasoned with salt).

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