Natura Comprises a System of Herbal Practice and Clinical Nutrition

About Natura Health Products

Natura" refers to an integrated healing system that embodies the precepts of nature being the great physician, the spiritual inclination to live with passion for healing, and seeking to restore balance and harmony within the human body.

The mission of Natura is to promote optimal health and well-being through uniquely formulated herbal and nutritional products of the finest quality. Natura comprises a system of herbal practice and clinical nutrition, employing traditional healing systems as well as modern science and technology.

Natura serves as an educational resource and strives to attain the highest level of experience and research to support its foundation in providing exceptional health care. Natura is dedicated to working in harmony with nature and humanity and serves its mission with love, compassion and humility.

Donald R. Yance Jr. MH, CN, AHG, SFO Founding President and Formulator

Donald Yance, founder of the Centre for Natural Healing, is an internationally renowned herbalist and nutritionist. Mr. Yance received his herbal training through Sequoia College and is a professional member of the American Herbalists’ Guild. He was trained as a clinical nutritionist through the National Institute of Nutritional Education and holds national certification through the Society of Certified Nutritionists. As well, he is a longstanding member of the Franciscan Order (SFO), which endows him with the gift of spiritual counsel. Through extensive research and nearly 20 years of clinical practice, Mr. Yance developed his unique Triphasic system, which forms the cornerstone of the Centre for Natural Healing’s clinical approach. This wholistic therapeutic methodology is rooted in American Eclectic herbal tradition, constitutional energetics and contemporary clinical nutrition, continuously honed by the latest scientific research at molecular, cellular and genomic levels.

Mr. Yance is the author of Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer (1999 McGraw Hill Publishing), Thriving Beyond Surviving to be released in Fall 2007, and the co-author of Dr. Earl Mindell's Russian Energy Secret. He has contributed to several books including The Complete Aromatherapy Handbook, by Suzanne Fisher-Rizzi, Breast Cancer? Breast Health!, by Susun S. Weed, My Healing from Breast Cancer, by Barbara Joseph, MD, and Total Breast Health, by Robin Keuneke. He writes and reviews articles for several medical, nutritional and herbal journals including Journal of the American Herbalists Guild, Alternative Medicine Journal, Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine, Prevention Magazine, Vegetarian Times, Self Magazine, and Total Health. In addition, Mr. Yance is an editorial board member for Integrative Cancer Therapies and an advisory board member of Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai.