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About Natural Care

NaturalCare Products opened its doors in 1993 in Orem, UT. Starting as a small family-owned company, the goal has always been to provide safe, effective natural products using traditional remedies with the latest science on supplements. Creating products that appeal to specific segments of the population, the line has grown from a few select products to our current thirty-one. And we continue to grow.

We manufacture products we use personally and give to our friends and families. Using homeopathic solutions that conform to the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, and nutritional supplement products supported by a wealth of clinical information, we have formulated products that will have a positive impact on our customers lives and health.

Most products are accompanied by a Consumer Guide that gives additional specific information about health concerns, and other complementary and alternative methods for dealing with certain physical or emotional conditions. The guides offer other options to use in conjunction with NaturalCare products. This is part of our program to enlighten and educate consumers about other important aspects of their lives that can improve overall health and well being.

Using a continually growing source of clinical information, NaturalCare introduces dietary supplements and homeopathic formulations that have shown a significant impact on good health. We stay on the cutting edge of new product development and introduce only safe, effective, easy-to-use products while staying close to our roots.

Both retailers and consumers have let us know about the positive impact of NaturalCare in their lives. We trust you will have the same results after trying some of our great health products.