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About Nutrition Now

We believe our first responsibility is to supply consumers with the highest quality products and services available. Since the founding of Nutrition Now in 1981, we have become a product leader in the nutritional supplement industry. We offer a wide variety of products and have developed unique formulations, using top-quality ingredients, in combinations that give consumers the most health benefits.

Our focus is on the development and introduction of products that complement our existing product line or address specific markets that have significant consumer benefits. Nutrition Now is a highly visible company known as a forerunner in the nutritional supplement industry. Our distribution network is second to none and allows us to successfully introduce new products and expand distribution of existing ones. We will continue to advance and grow in the nutritional supplement industry with superior products, a strong commitment to outstanding customer service and continuing to build upon established relationships with brokers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

Our management team and staff have extensive knowledge and expertise in the nutritional supplement industry. We have resolved to become a world leader in the development, production and marketing of effective nutritional supplements. To achieve this exceptional quality and value, we actively encourage ideas and do our best to implement them throughout the organization.

We are a progressive company with a long-term commitment to this mission. Thank you for your continued support in making this possible.