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What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is the natural fruit of the olive and is grown throughout the Mediterranean and also in Australia and parts of the USA.

The best you can get is Extra Virgin, produced on the Greek Island of Crete. Many studies have shown that this wonder food is responsible for the good health and long life of those who consume it.

The Olive has been cultivated since ancient. Here are some fascinating things you might like to know about its precious fruit:

1. Olive oil was (and still is) regarded as a cure-all miracle medicine and ancient prescriptions count it as a cure for: poisoning, oral health, stomach problems, dermatitis, leprosy, and tooth whitening. The best oil for these purposes was that taken from the lamps of icons.

2. Oldest edible olive that has been found was 3,500 years old! Olives were found still in their skins looking fresh and tasty at Zakros on the Greek Island of Crete. They quickly disintegrated when exposed to the air, but luckily photographs were taken.

3. Olive stones have been found in graves throughout the Mediterranean, leading archeologists to surmise that the ancients believed olives were needed in the afterlife.

4. The wild olive tree is thought to be first cultivated on the Greek Island of Crete. Some fossilized olive tree leaves have been found aged fifty to sixty thousand years old. Experts believe that they were cultivated olive trees.

5. Aelianus, a writer from the 3rd Century, has alerted us to the fact that if your elephant is injured by arrows in a battle, feed it the oil or leaves of the olive tree and you can remove the arrows and it becomes strong again.

6. There are 60 million olive trees on Crete, that's 100 olive trees for every man, woman and child who lives there.

7. Newlyweds are still urged to eat bread dipped in olive oil because of its renowned aphrodisiac qualities, the most potent being the oil derived from wild olive trees.

8. On Crete, and other islands of the Aegean Sea, olive oil from St Nikolas' lamp (the patron saint for the protection of sailors) is poured onto the water -- and immediately calms the seas. Try it!

9. Growing olives is easy. The tree is hardy and needs little cultivation. However, getting the olive off the tree is the hard part, and up to 60% of the value of crop is taken up by the cost of harvesting the fruit.

10. Breast milk is the only other food known that is easier to digest than the natural fruit of the olive. ** Olive oil is the only healthy fat and you should seriously consider throwing out all other fats and oils in your kitchen.

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