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What is Pain Relief?

If we were to look at the stash of prescriptions pharmacists receive every day, chances are that a significant number of them are for either back pain relief, neck pain relief or advanced pain relief. That's because modern society is known for one particular malaise: chronic pain.

Reviewing a few of the pain relief remedies available today, we have:

More and more people are believing in massage therapy as an effective back pain or neck pain reliever. After a grueling day in the office, a person's gut instinct is to get a massage because it not only relieves their back or neck pain, but it lulls them to sleep, hence receiving the double benefit of back pain relief and relaxation. Massage clinics and massage therapists now proliferate in spas, health centers, airports, hotels and even in shopping malls.

If you've never heard of capsaicin before, think of what happens to your mouth when you eat some red hot chili peppers. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chili peppers. It is available in cream form and is applied on the painful area of the back or neck.

When it comes into contact with skin, capsaicin is said to minimize the "substance P." This substance P is a neuro-chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter. The effect of Capsaicin is therefore that of an analgesic.

Alexander Technique:
This technique is based on the principle that the only way to obtain back pain relief, neck pain relief or advanced pain relief is to get rid of poor posture habits like slouching. Research reveals that poor posture can, in the long term, develop into neck and shoulder tension, muscle contraction and impaired mobility. The Alexander Technique was invented by an Australian doctor, Frederick Matthias Alexander and lessons can be taken in private or in groups.

This is a generally accepted practice for obtaining back pain relief, neck pain relief or advanced pain relief. It is an ancient form of Chinese treatment where the cause of pain lies in blocked energy pathways in the body. Needles are used to unblock these energy pathways so that circulation is more efficient.

Studies in the UK and in North America report that people who go for regular acupuncture sessions feel much better due to significant reduction of their pain. The idea, however, is to do it regularly - like three times per week at least for the first few months.

Acupuncture sessions are rather costly, but because it is a widely accepted practice for back pain relief, neck pain relief or advanced pain relief, health insurance plans will reimburse a portion or all of the costs.

If your back or neck pain is chronic, it is recommended that you see a physician first because the pain you feel could be caused by an underlying health condition such as sciatica, a herniated disk, osteoporosis or even a tumor.

Your primary health care provider or family physician could recommend medication, exercise, massage, acupuncture, or even surgery if your pain is being caused by a tumor. Some doctors will recommend a combination of any of these for optimal advanced pain relief.

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