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What is Passion Flower?

The Passion Flower - Passiflora - is a genus with over 500 species of flowering plants belonging to family Passifloraceae.

The most popular species of Passiflora is The Blue Passion Flower - Passiflora caerulea - also known as Common Passion Flower.

The Passion Flower a vine native of South America, Asia and Australia, and a very popular house flowering plant, full of good energies because of its special religious symbols. Passiflora brings peace in your house too.

Benefits & Uses:
Who would have ever thought that a flower could turn into a very useful herbal remedy? Some years ago, passion flower was discovered to treat anxiety and nervous problems. But today, it is a widely known treatment for several ailments or diseases.

It is also safe to eat and is medicinal as well. Several species of the family are cultivated for their fruit in the tropics, and others in warmer parts of the world for their showy flowers. They have a unique flower structure which makes them very nice decorations for a home.

Other Benefits:
Passion flower has quite a number of herbal uses. If used regularly, one can get cured of any ailment instantly. Passion flower is effective in the following uses:

Passion flower is a hypnotic, sedative, analgesic and an anti spasmodic. It has been known to be a very good treatment for the following conditions:
dysmenorrheal, inflammation, tachycardia, hysteria, neuralgia general seizures, asthma, insomnia, and headaches. It can also be used for neurological problems like Parkinson's disease.

The herb is also used to bring relaxation to the body. Therefore, it allows for a restful sleep during the night.

Together with chamomile, passion flower can be used for muscle tension, anxitey, and nervous headaches.

For women who have difficulty bearing children, passion flower can be a very good herbal tea for them.

Passion flower is also widely used in Italy to treat hyperactive children. Because it slows the tension in the muscles, it is seen as an effective treatment to hyperactivity.

Children with lower levels of concentration are made to drink this helpful herbal remedy.

Circulation in the body is greatly enhanced after intake of this medicinal drug.

General nerve disability and sciatic problems among the elderly are a common form of treatment by Passion Flower.

For women undergoing hormonal problems, Passion flower is the best form of herbal drug used to treat such kind of problem.

Passion flower makes use of flayonoids which help people recover from their addiction problems. Like all the other drugs, passion flower is the best way to help addicted people overcome from their addictions.

Passion flower also helps relieve eye irritation and some other common problems.

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