Biography; PETER GILLHAM Peter Gillham is a clinical nutritionist, chemist, as well as a pioneer in the field of nutritional research. Peter is one of the leading researchers on magnesium and the developer of The Gillham Germ Theory. His advanced research over the years has led him through many nutritional discoveries. This has culminated in the development of a unique product line appropriately named Natural Vitality. Peter’s research has always been in the direction of workability, establishing what works and then finding out what will work better.

Peter was born and raised in Australia but his first interest in nutrition started in 1968 when he was in Morocco during a world wide adventure trip. Two incidents sparked his interest in the subject. This eventually led to the opening of his first Nutritional Center in the late 1970’s. Many lectures and 52 original health bulletins followed shortly thereafter, quickly becoming a stable source of reliable, priceless information for thousands of people.

Perhaps Peter is most loved for his innovative talks filled with truth, practical logic, and spiced with humor. He has lectured and conducted seminars in Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Mexico and USA. His lectures emphasize the importance and benefits of wholesome diets and correct nutritional supplements.

Peter’s unique approach of correcting nutritional problems has produced practical solutions to such complaints as fatigue, poor sleeping habits, overweight, irritability, low energy, PMS, mental clarity, improved memory, alertness… the list goes on and on. Using his special products has proven to be a turning point in the lives of thousands of people..

Peter also, after years of research, discovered the Gillham Theory of Bacteria and Disease, which resulted in a greater understanding of disease and its handling. His concern for the rampant drug use in society today prompted Peter to study the subject of drug rehabilitation. He specialized in effective nutritional programs that can dramatically reduce the horrible symptoms associated with drug withdrawal, and enable the individual to get fully rehabilitated..

Today, Peter makes every effort to share his original discoveries with the entire health community, and gives new hope to many who have been waiting for this refreshing and original approach. Many have found this path an inspiring road to personal discovery of renewed health and vitality not just for themselves but for their loved ones. Taking advantage of the opportunity to attend one of Peter’s lectures has left many unable to forget the experience, their lives having changed forever.