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What is Pet Care?

Pets of all species and breeds, like humans, need medications to keep healthy through all stages of life. Trips to the vet are essential for the well being of your dog or cat. Like us, our pets need to keep up a routine checkup with their veterinarian. Various ailments will occur during different stages in your pet's life.

Like humans, our pets can get sick with similar ailments. They tend to have more floor contact, drink stale water, and are prone to parasites. Some common ailments are heartworm, tapeworm, fleas, ticks, and more.

Most of these can be treated with over the counter medications. Flea and tick collars can be placed around your pet neck as well as flea and tick cream. There are quite a few choices for OTC pet medications; and we carry quite a few of them.

For more extreme cases, the vet will be able to write a prescription for the medications. In this case they will be filled at the veterinary pharmacy near you. Please be sure to follow the directions on the packaging or your vet's instructions exactly on any pet medication. We don't want side affects or overdoses to occur.

One more thing, when trying out new medications for your pets, be sure to keep a record of doses and any adverse side affects that may occur. Look for diarrhea, emotional changes, eating patterns disrupted or vomiting. If you notice anything like this, contact your vet.

We all love our pets and we need to make sure they get their pet medications to keep their health in order. They are members of our family and we need to treat them as such.

They have no voice of their own and rely on us to keep them safe, secure, and happy. Without us, they would not be here to protect our homes, keep our feet warm, or entertain us with their antics.

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Home > Shopping (Over 25,000 Products) > SHOP BY CATEGORY > PET-CARE