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What is Pleurisy?

Pleurisy is an infection of the pleura, the delicate membranes separating the lungs from the chest wall. It is usually the result of a virus infection, but it can also be caused by pneumonia, a chest injury, inflammation of the pericardial heart lining, a blood clot of the lung, and, rarely, lung cancer.

Symptoms of pleurisy may include sharp, stabbing pains in chest or shoulder, which can be felt with every intake of breath, and usually a high fever.

Folk Remedy Make a warming drink from ovendried, homemade wheat bread, toasted and broken into a powder, in hot water with added salt and butter.

Hydrotherapy Chest and back compresses help to reduce inflammation.

Diet And Nutrition A daily dose of 2-3g of vitamin C and 50iu vitamin A should boost the immune system and help to speed recovery.

Consult a qualified practitioner/therapist for:
Homeopathy A homeopath might recommend the following remedies:

for pain worse on moving, where sufferer is irritable and thirsty - Bryonia each hour for a maximum of 12 hours

for a sudden attack after exposure to cold wind, where sufferer is anxious, restless, and frightened of dying - Aconite once an hour for up to 12 hours

where the sufferer is flushed in the face, with dilated pupils, and is hot, excitable, and thirsty - Belladonna

when there is fluid on the lung, causing breathlessness and burning pains; mild fever, rapid heartbeat, irregular dry cough - Cantharis

when there is fluid pressing on the affected lung with severe pain - Sulfur

when pain comes on quickly, hot face, flushing, profound thirst, confusion - Belladonna

when recovery from pleurisy is slow - Hepar sulf.

Naturopathy A naturopath may suggest hydrotherapy, in particular back and chest compresses, which will help to reduce inflammation and ease breathing.

Vitamin C may be recommended in order to boost immunity.

Acupuncture Treatment will be aimed at reducing inflammation, building up the immune system, and providing relief from the pain.

Aromatherapy Treatment would be aimed at the individual symptoms, but some of the following oils may prove useful, for a compress, massage, or inhalation: angelica, star anise, French basil, silver fir, myrrh, naiouli, black pepper, pine, rosemary, sage, tea tree oil.

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